Tired of accidental evolves when fusing

It is not the first, nor the second time I evolve a dino accidentally.

We need a confirmation button or an undo button

It is really frustrating after gathering important amounts of DNA for fuses that you lose everything for a silly mistake.

Please take this into account.


I agree, can accidentally tap on the evolve and lose a ton of coins for something that didn’t need to be leveled.


A 3 second undo button might fix this issue? 3 seconds probably too long. 1.5 second? Or if before you leave the dino’s screen, the one you are fusing, you have the option of un-fusing how ever many fuses you did since the opening of that dino screen?

Dont really know how.

Maybe just form evolves. A wrong fuse can hurt but not as much as spending big amounts of coins and DNA.

Maybe undo button for the following 3/5 secs available would be great

I agree. Putting a confirmation button is the easiest thing. I evolved irritator to 16 :frowning:

Same happened with my Epic Ankylo. Really important DNA. Now my Tryko would be level 24…

But then how will you be able to waste DNA and thus need to play longer?

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Futile attempt to trick Ludia into changing the game in their disfavor :slight_smile:
Surprisingly though, I have never accidentally leveled up a dino. Y’all need to pay attention!


Yeah, you Are right. But the point Is sometimes the app lags when tapping the button. Or you start fusing a lot of DNA and… Plaf… Evolved dino.

There must be a balance between ludias profit and user “playability”

Completely agree. My indominus is not level 21 voluntarily.

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