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Tired of battles

We need a different way to get incubators besides the cancer that is battle. I don’t try anymore and lose way more than I win. Even then I see the biased side of it. I don’t enjoy having to get something based on luck. EDIT: I’ve gone from nearly 4000 down to 3000. I’ve lost it.


The battle system is severely flawed. I don’t think that the incubators are worth the effort. Yesterday I went through 25 battles for a 15 minutes incubator, then another 15 for a three hour one. Battles have really put me off the game and I’m on the verge of giving up the game all together.

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I wish they wouldn’t make certain dna arena exclusive so that those of us who don’t like to battle won’t have to. On that note, I’m thankful for events dinos

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Don’t you just hate the 15 minute ones! I do! I’m like damm that was a tough few battles, now I have to go through it again!

It would not bother me in the least if they eliminated the 15

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I would love it if they made all the supply drops strike events that disappear after completing for those of us that prefer to get our DNA that way VS battle! I love the strike events because there usually is no stress involved! Or simply make all drops either or! You can either spin for supplies or fight the AI or have events on them!

They could make them all single battles for 15 minute incubators with a select few for blue and epic ones

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Why do you need DNA if you’re not gonna battle? I hate doing 20 battles and ending up right back where I was to start with too but as I power up I move up ever so slowly. I actually dread it every day now.

I’m a completionist, with some dna being only available in arena exclusive incubators, I have to battle or hope it becomes a special event dino

I’ve gone the incubator purchase route before and it is mostly a miss

I’m the same as @Idris. I play to complete the collection. I only battle now to get the daily incubator for defeating 10 dinosaurs because the Arena isn’t fun like it was in the beginning.

I’ve been feeling pretty anxious trying to get matched just so that I can get that 15 min incubator out of the way but I keep timing out :rofl: I’ve been trying to get matched on and off for the past 90 mins, omg