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Tired of battling, phone rings. Battle ends

Haven’t seen there any other game crashing so hard when receiving a phone call.
Even if I reject the call battle crashes.

And you know what? Same result. Always.

Battle lost.

I think this mustn’t happen.


Stop being so popular then :stuck_out_tongue:
I get two calls per week, I’ll take my chances when I battle!

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Lol it is just I’m at home battling and then… Ring… crash… Battle lost.

Battle. No rings… 2-1 winning… Phone calls.

Redstart game… 2-3 lost

It is frustrating

Battle - pop up battery 20% - freeze - lose


I had that too in iPhone. Android has no issues with this fortunately.

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One time I came back from a call figuring I lost. I actually won!

Just do what I do! Go in airplane mode when you battle. It’s not like a battle lasts that long!

He probably means do not disturb mode haha

You are aware you can Turn WiFi back on

I do it on airplanes all the time!

Of course if there is no WiFi you are done!


Nope airplane mode!

Airplane mode with wifi on is not airplane mode :stuck_out_tongue:
The whole idea of airplane mode is that all antennae are disabled, so it will not interfere with airplane hardware. Of course a phone doesn’t have the capacity to make a plane crash and many airlines allow it to be on these days, but wifi is part of that antenna thing.
You can just disable cellular connectivity and you’re done also.

Stop trolling ok! With airplane mode on no calls can come in unless you have WiFi calling on. This is my last response because I’m tired of feeding you! Airplane mode on with WiFi you can play the game and not get phone calls! End of story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am pretty sure I stumbled on a setting regarding minimizing phone while playing a game, but am unable to find it now. @Ned have you heard of this? Thanks!

Hey Kodiakhunter1, I don’t think there is such a setting in the game. Are you referring to the Power Saver option? :thinking:

My other half always seems to call me during battles and during hunts with scents. I understand that there is little that can be done for battles but a phone call pause for scents would be nice.

Android has show calls as a pop up vs full screen option. I wonder if that would interrupt the game.

Interesting. It might be an issue.

There is also another app that is included in newer androids called game launcher. The option reads “Minimize incoming call and block display notification while I’m playing a game”. Not sure if it is available to download if it wasn’t preinstalled.

My solution was to use old phones with no SIM card, WiFi on, airplane mode on, and ALL unnecessary apps disabled/removed. They are Moto G4 Plus phones with 4 GB of RAM. Basically I tweaked the phones the way PC gamers do their computers. Best performance, no interruptions. No Facebook notifications (I use Google Play Games login), or anything else that can interrupt or slow down the game.

It’s not just phone calls though. On an iPhone the low power notification throws the game into a spin. Heaven forbid you catch the home button and then go back into the game. JWA is the only game I have on my phone that crashes so easily, the lack of stability is the most annoying thing about the game for me not the over powered x or y Dino.


Not true. Happens all the time on my S8 when other apps take focus.