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Tired of battling, phone rings. Battle ends

What? Android? 0 issues? Hehehehehe

@Pirulass -

Now just toggle DND, swipe up and boom!

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Hehe no, it has issues, but not with the battery low warning :slight_smile: That just slides down from the top and you can ignore it.

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I was not trolling, simply trying to explain that having wifi on is not the same as airplane mode. That is absolutely no reason to flag me for trolling when I’m simply trying to provide information and trying to help. You actively suspended me from the forum for almost a day, basically shutting me up because you don’t want to hear what someone has to say to you. Do you treat all people like this?
I’m very disappointed by your flag, and quite frankly rather angry and upset and very frustrated.
If this is how you wanna do things, sure. But know that this is not how you make friends in a forum where there is already enough negativity. By the life of me I cannot figure out what made you think you have the right to flag me for that post.
@Ned is there any way to prevent people from having the power to suspend you from the forum when you didn’t do anything wrong? Scroll up and read my post. If that’s a reason to be suspended for, then I can point out at least 200 other people who need to get suspended.
I don’t want this to end in a flagging battle, where I keep being banned and when I come back I instantly flag all posts from Rolybert as a result. I just want to know how to prevent from being shut up by “System”.

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Flags are really bad used here. Too many messages flagged here.

Maybe too many flanders or too many" don’t like, I flag" Minds


You got a ban for simply helping?
Who served up the ban?
Surely another member can’t suspend someone can they?
I would have thought that only a mod could ban someone, and I see nothing on this thread that would even come close to being trolling or offensive.


I have no clue why, but my post was hidden because of rolyberts flag and I got suspended for trolling the exact same second. It’s pathetic.

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This forum is absurd in terms of user management.

The point is people don’t understand the difference between being “cañero” as we say in Spain and rude or unpolite.

It goes on the personality of people. When I enter here I discuss and want to have things solved. This also involves throwing some kind of ironies, sarcasm… Always with respect.

I can’t just think on a forum with flat text as if it was a scientific dossier.

Reddit works, Forocoches (Spain’s biggest forum) works. And they are far from being only rude or sarcastic.

On my view I see kind of alliance between some mods and users. When some of these flags, mod acts almost immediately.

There have been even worse post than mines that keep alive while some I wrote keep flagged and censored. Thanks.

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Censorship and sensitive people are both going to be the downfall of our society. If the climate and stupidity doesn’t manage to do that first though :slight_smile:
Fun times… fun times…

Yep, around here if a mod doesn’t like you, you can get attacked by some user, then banned for defending yourself, while the attacker is allowed to keep posting things a lot harsher than you ever did.

Oh also some of your replies get deleted so it appears as if you had nothing to say in response.

With great power comes great responsibility? Yeah, no, not around here.


Ok let’s see if you were or weren’t trolling!

OP posts about the phone disconnect from the game from phone calls

Your first response is
Stop being so popular :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I give a viable idea

Your response
You are aware airplane mode switches off 4g and WiFi right :grinning: Your phone has smoke signals to connect to Ludias (smoking) servers or something

My response was you can turn WiFi back on

Your response
Airplane mode with WiFi on is not airplane mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ( this and the rest of the post is completely irrelevant to the situation)

The definition of airplane mode doesn’t matter to the question of the OP because what I posted will in fact allow the OP to play the game and not receive phone calls which is what he posted about

I am sorry you got suspended but it was a moderator that made the decision

IMO your responses and use of the stick out your tongue emoji was trolling me. I posted to give the OP a solution and it is a viable solution. Yes there are others but I did not deserve the responses I got from you!

Have a nice day


Your response didn’t work for me… I want to receive calls and decide whether to answer or not without crashing the game.

I mean, in Pogo calls were received without problem. Ludia can’t do this too?

You don’t know the difference between kidding, joking, trolling or harassing?
Using a stick tongue out emoji is generally used as “kidding, don’t take this post so serious, I’m a funny guy”.
While I agree that tone is not always clear in a written post online, clearly there are some general rules that everyone should be familiar with, one of which being that smileys are not used to attack/annoy someone but to make a post lighter.

Just because I make a joke that you should receive less calls, that doesn’t mean I’m trolling.
Just because I’m trying to explain a (YES, RELEVANT) post about what airplane mode is, which isn’t even false, doesn’t give you the right to flag me. Airplane mode switches off wifi. On every phone. When you switch it back on you can no longer call it airplane mode. If you disagree, sure, but don’t put me down like I’m making stuff up because that is not the case. I could tell you the same, but at lease I’m not flag trigger happy and shutting people up to get my point across.

(Oh, try to find 1 person who agrees with you btw)


There is a difference between using this emoji :joy: vs this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. When I am joking with someone which I do frequently I use :joy: and not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is how I took it!

Believe it or not I have been coming here since game launch and this is the first time I flagged a post! Being humorous is one thing being sarcastic is another!

Your first response to me was extremely sarcastic and you know it!

The smoke signals wasn’t funny :smile: it was sarcastic


Oh neat. You decide which emoji means what.
Ask ANYONE, anyone at all, on this entire forum, to explain to you how my posts were perceived.
I’m out. I refuse to keep talking to a wall. There was no sarcasm in that post whatsoever. Maybe your English is just not up the the required level of the internet.
BTW: There is nothing wrong with sarcasm. It’s not the same as trolling.

I am out also because you are as much of a wall as I am. It is a simple thing to re read your first response to me realize it was sarcastic as heck and said sorry :neutral_face: that post wasn’t called for and it would have been over!

It went beyond the emoji

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You’ve been flagging people since august 2018.

I realize that my idea would not be a solution after I read more into the situation. But I was passing on something that always works for me! Ludia needs to add something to the game that basically can override all other phone functions. I think I have a few apps that do just that

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Whatever! Get on with your day!

What I meant to say is reporting it to a Mod the way I did! Yes I flagged inappropriate things in the past but as far as I can remember this is the first time I brought a moderator into it! If in fact I did in the past bring a moderator into it I don’t remember because I spend allot less time here than I did a year ago

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