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Tired of being coin poor? 5/5 Alliance has a solution for you!

Our alliance members earn hundreds of thousands of coins per week in no time thanks to our plentiful DNA parties. Join us and fuse to your heart content at DracoHunter (5/5 alliance).

How this works, we just simply leverage DNA requests for coin purposes, with the occasional exception. Thus, generating thousands of coins per day for our players. Imagine an alliance with no arguments over DNA requests and where you get to keep your own hard-earned DNA (unless you wish to donate). Sounds like a dream right?!

To sweeten your experience, we reach Rank 4 in Exploration within 24 hours thanks to very carefully coordinated teamwork. To reach Rank 5 in Defense we simply ask all players to play 20 battles and open 10 incubators per day minimum after reaching Rank 3. If you join you will be trained on how to complete these requirements quickly and easily.

You think of yourself as a hardcore player, who plays daily, enjoys a sense of accomplishment week after week, and is surrounded by others who are as passionate about JWA as you. If so, please read on.

The ideal player will have the following qualities:
• Must play daily and be willing to do more than the minimum especially during the start of the missions.
• Supports DNA parties through commonly found DNA requests. Coins take top priority.
• Will battle at least 20 battles per day minimum. (This includes, friendly, arena, & strike tower)
• Will battle in arena to ensure the 10 incubator per day count.
• Loves to dart anything that moves especially during the mission push.
• Contribute towards the Level 15+ Sanctuary strategy
• Prefer a level 13+ but will accept serious players who are lower level.

We don’t care about your Trophy count. We only care that you are a passionate hardcore player that is willing to put in the work to get the highest reward.

About our players. We are a fun group with members across the globe. There is always a seasoned player on to help you with any questions, friendly battle, or chat about our favorite subject, JWA. We do have a chat app to coordinate, joke around, and share the fun.

There are only a few spots left and these will go quick. If you are interested in joining or learning more please PM me.


Damn don’t think I’m hardcore enough for y’all. Giving me requirements daily like a school teacher is appealing though.


It takes a special breed to join this alliance. But it is so worth it! Haven’t bought coins since joining and was able to finally level up my Thor, Tenonto, and Utarinex two levels since joining a few weeks back.



dna parties :joy::joy:
give me all your irri dna and you can have all the coins you’ll ever need…


Good afternoon Patera! Nice to see you on the forums today making it a lovely day for all of us. Now keep your paws off my lovely Irri DNA! joy


Thank you all for your considerations and responses. I am a new member to this alliance and would like to provide my perspective. The alliance has a common mission and goal to which we all follow the best we can to complete alliance missions fastest as possible. We have implemented some very good strategies to complete very quickly. Exploration gets completed on 2-3 days to level 5. However defense we get to level 4 by 3-4 days. We enjoy collaborating with each other to complete and we have designated senior players to help keep track so burden is not left to one player.

We also look out for all our players to help level them up so we can all enjoy the fun of the game. This is an alliance focused on team play and unity. So if personal gain is in your best interest we may not appeal to you. Yes you can feel like you have daily requirements, however the reward is 5/5 for alliance mission and they do help to provide focus and direction for everyone.
We also have open minded senior players who listen and keep an open mind for new strategies. We all worked together to level up a sanctuary to 14 this past week and we expect to repeat again.

The daily requirements are a goal and not a requirement. I often do not meet these goals but when we have 50 members working together we pick each other up.
I hope you enjoyed my perspective. Thank you for your considerations
To quote Dr. Evil(Austin Powers). “Your insolence will not be tolerated!” - lol … that’s a joke

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Sent pm and looking forward to reply

Happy to report that we will be ending coin poverty for two additional players who are being warmly welcomed into DracoHunter. At this time we are all full up. If you are interested in a future slot we would love to chat with you. Please PM @DracoHunter and we will get back to you shortly.