Tired of disrespectful moments in arena

There are several moments when people start using stickers…

  1. When match is not balanced and my team is clearly better. Start using the stickers we all know and letting time go by. I’m sorry, I would like to have balanced matches too. Blame Ludia, not me for leveling my team.

  2. When rival is obviously better and he/she knows he is going to win anyway. Same sticker above during all the battle.

Last match when my team reached a dangerous score (5733) last opponent sent over and over again these stickers.

Is there a way to mute them in case a user spams them?

There is a mute button you can press in battle. Shuts them off. When they are off, it will show a red dash.

Thanks, didn’t see it

I’m not yawning at you. :sleeping: I’m yawning at LootYa’s horrible matchmaking. :sleeping: