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Tired of getting the same garbage spawns 365 days now

Ok, so I’ve got over 250K Suchumimus, over 300K majunga, 150K Iguanodon, 200K Irritator (COMMON) 125K Ophiacodon 240K of Dimetrodon gen 2, 90K of stego… if a rare spawns (spontaneously or event) it’s either Spino, Carno or Dilo… I’m tired of it. I have 90K of Tarbo but never ever does an Allo spawn, no DC’s no useful epics or rares. I don’t live anywhere near a city or a huge park so all I ever get is 365 days a year of the same useless dna… every legendary or unique has to be grinded from events, sanctuaries or incubators which takes forever! I’m seriously tired of this… by the time I get the mammoth everybody will have all it’s hybrids on team level. Seriously… tired.


They really do need to do a Local change. Switching them around every few months would help alleviate the boredom that comes with seeing Majunga for the 50th time in one day.