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Tired of losing, while being 1 or 2 battles away from High Score

Title says it all… I have avoided posting anything because I generally dont like to complain, esp about a game which is meant for entertainment. But what gives?
My high score is the score I got at the beginning of this season. So basically I’ve never gotten higher than what I started at. Throughout this month, I’ve powered up 5 of my 8 dinos, and added boosts to a few. Tell me how I get within one or two wins from a new high score, and immediately I face ridiculously high powered creatures, and magically my stuns, evasives, and crits become nonexistent. I played your game and bought boosts, powered up my creatures, and ZERO improvement for me. Why play if I can’t progress?!? I’m beyond agitated every day because these arenas are a sham.
Ludia, you get more money from us, your customers, when your customers experience a level of success, rather than hoping we get irritated enough and cave. Bad business model