Tired of rare/epic dino's disappearing when I get close


Half the rare dino’s and all the epic dino’s disappear when I get close.
I have had over two dozen epics disappear just before I got close enough to attack them.
I have only ever succeeded in reaching 1 epic cause of this.
A lot of rares do this. About half I track after disappear.
Game needs a tracking system to stop dinosaurs despawning when your hunting them.

Another epic vanished as i load

The struggle is real. I’ve had the same thing happen regularly and it’s very frustrating…


I suggested to add a countdown so you could avoid this problem: https://forum.ludia.com/t/countdown-to-dinos-despawn


Run, Forest, run. Speed is the key


They last for like an hour. I usually check game every 30m and if I ever see something I want I have more than enough time to go get it.


this happens just before I get in range. this is not a timer. it is always about the same distance it despawns. I suspect this is programmed.


If it was programmed for you it would be programmed for me and everyone else. It’s not programmed. I see them and casually travel to them all the time and catch no problem. Never had one despawn on me except when I simply couldn’t go get it. Actually had 2x trex on my map at same time yesterday. Made it to both no issue


Also no problems here, sometimes u are just to slow :slight_smile:


This has happened over two dozen times with only one success.
So that’s BS.


It happens to me allot as well. Or they pop up and I get a disconnect error, when I finally reconnect they are gone.
I get disconnected a lot even with stellar signal. Very Frustrating.


I’ve had this happened to me multiple times as well. Only recently did I wait the extra 5 minutes for my game to fully load again. Sometimes it pops up, sometimes it doesn’t.

My SO and I also noticed that one will get an epic/rare, but not the other person.


sometimes it’s still there even if it appears to unspawn. Close and reopen the game, or touch the recent apps button and go back to the game. This will make the game refresh the map and sometimes the dinosaur will appear again.

they do just unspawn sometimes, you just have to be fast. i’ve hunted many epics, probably 7 TREX, 5 epic hybrids, etc. so they do stay out there.


I will try that.
Hope it works.


been so busy haven’t had much time to play to try it.


This happens to me quite a bit, too; lost some good epics just inside of minimum range because I didn’t hit “launch” fast enough. Very irritating when one goes for a walk specifically to find a few dinosaurs, and especially when running isn’t an option because one’s knee is basically busted.

I don’t think it’s programmed. I just assume that, like Pokemon Go, everything has a limited, independent timer and I’m basically just missing them all. It still sucks, and honestly I’d REALLY appreciate a visible timer so that when I alter my path I don’t have merely 30 seconds to hobble my way in a new direction only to have it disappear on me.


Happens to me every time. Esp right with the disconnected from the game. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a possible Solution.

I’ve bypassed this issue by exiting and restarting the game processes. Seems like there is a slight reloading issue when setting your sights on other critters nearby. Try it out before leaving your position.


I found if an epic apears on the map, you need to actually press on the Dino, then get as close to it as possible before launching your drone. None have disappeared for me doing it this way. :slight_smile:
Happy hunting


also don’t get too greedy. you want to get as close as possible, but if it’s one you really need it’s better to launch the drone from further away so it doesn’t disappear


One did for me this way. I opened the screen with “launch” button, but when I got closer, it disappeared and that screen closed.