Tired of Stygimoloch in my incubators

I am really getting tired of getting the Epic Stygimoloch in my Battle and 8 hr incubators. It is useless (to me). over 4K DNA of it and nothing to do with it.

We need the game to start giving us some Epic dinos we can use in the 8 hr incubators. Epic Monolophosaurus, epic Ankylosaurus…

Stygmi is cute, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Well ive just gotten my Paramoloch to level 20 yesterday and just need to get my Toujan to level 20 (its currently 18 with plenty of DNA just lacking the coins) then I can start working on my 2nd Unique ^_^!

So I wouldn’t say its totally useless!

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Do you have the unique that is made from Paramoloch? coz if you don’t it uses Epic Stygi so…might be worth working towards!

I have to get to level 20 of Paramoloch, then level 20 on Tujiangosaurus to even start making Tuaromoloch. But have really focused on Tragodistis since both Paramoloch and Tragodistis require 500 of Parasourolopuhus DNA each, and Paramoloch was not useful in a battle much.

I can use Stygmi to get an eventual Legendary Tuaromoloch, it just seems so far away now with other immediate dinos I can upgrade.


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I’ve been playing since May 30, and still don’t have my Tuoramoloch. It might actually be finished tonight. It was due to a lack of Stygi lol.
I’ve never gotten it in a regular incubator, so the event that featured it was the only time I got a decent amount. All I have has come from those Arena incubators.

Make paramoloch?

Ardens don’t do it, I did it, all regrets, he’s so bad

In my case ive had a spot on my team that im constantly swapping around, so a Unique would fill that spot even if it isn’t the greatest. At lev el 21 it would also be higher level than all the ones ive been swapping in and out so there is that…

I’m doin it for the collection, not the team. Tuora and Erlidom are the only 2 that I need, until the next wave of new creatures. . .

Agreed. I’m sick of the Stygimoloch dna. Make it random like it should be. You could even have it just change weekly and you could still have Stygimoloch show up.

Just wait till AFTER I get Toura :wink:

You realize the Stygi is BONUS dna right? You get the random epic AND stygi, because stygi doesnt spawn anywhere.

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