Tired of the bots in game


Now that I’m about 3100-3250 back and fourth I’m facing a lot I mean a lot of bots with Dino’s at level 24-28 this is ridicules!! Are these bots made by jurassic world love to level out game or are these straight up cheaters?? I just faced a level 24 eniasuchus that is insane I’m at level 20 and that’s pretty tough how the heck can anyone besides a bot have those levels it had com in it’s name so it’s a bot you can tell by what’s in the name apparently I was told in another topic .

Now that I’m higher level I’m seeing bots all the time and it’s ruining the game are you gonna do something about this or are these the companies bots for leveling out game cause I know they are created at start for the beginning of a game to have something to battle.

Need answers on this please



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