Tired of the game freezing up during battle

Every day at least 2-3 times game always freezes up and I lose a battle because it auto selects the lowest move ! Common either your servers are terrible or someone’s not fixing bugs or you intentionally do that for gameplay which would be really not smart lol

Does anyone else have these issues please tell them on this topic it’s really annoying having to go through this!!



I have this problem occasionally, too, just before the battle loads and an opponent is selected.

When I see that the battle loading screen is frozen, I close the app (exiting out completely, so you have to go through the whole loading screen process again) and immediately reopen it. Most of the time, the battle will proceed to load properly then–usually before the timer runs out. Every freezing/loading problem is a little different from user to user…but hope this helps! Good luck!


Yea I’ve tried that doesn’t always work it will allow me to select one move then It goes back into a freeze mode