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Tired of the grind? 🌴

Do you enjoy the game but tired of the grind? The Last Resort may be for you!

We are a group of veteran players that got sick of requirements in alliances.

We are an active group but do not require tournament participation (although it is appreciated), no minimum battles or DBI per day, no drama, and no babysitting.

We do offer 2-3 Level 20 Sanctuaries and most of our members are high level raiders that can help with your raids.

Discord is mandatory here, mainly for sanctuary planning, daily news and cash links. Plus, we have a lot of fun in there!

DM me here or on discord DemonDobie#2148 as we do not accept blind invites


So you offer 2 or 3 level 20 sanctuaries and you have players that will help with all raids?

You don’t ask for players who will get their dbi, or throw xxx darts daily, and if players don’t want to battle in the arena or do the tourney they don’t have to?

This is like a dream come true!

I’m surprised you’re not full already!


Wait, the info says no requirements but discord is a requirement. I sense hypocrisy in the upper ranks-

receives a giant cake from Demon

This is the best alliance ever!


Only slackers hang out in this alliance.

(That’s kinda the point. :laughing:)


It says you are not required to do certain things on game, so technically doesn’t say there are no requirements period :relieved:


Do you have any spaces left?

It seems like a great place to be for slackers who still want all the benefits of an alliance that normally requires a massive grind.

He’s right you know…

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Do u guys know each other???

Many of us have gotten used to seeing the regular crowd on these boards yeah…this October 1st will be my 3rd year here😎

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My understanding of the ‘Last resort’ alliance is that it’s an alliance that doesn’t have any rules as such for how much you have to play etc…

All you have to do is join the discord channel and observe simple sanctuary rules.

Yet they share sanctuaries and offer 2 or 3 level 20 for members to fip.

So if you don’t log onto the game for a day or two, no one cares?

If you don’t get your dbi no one cares?

If you don’t fancy darting for a while no one cares?

Do you help players who do want to get the raids done?

I’m guessing it’s a place for people who maybe have reached that point where they don’t want to grind out endless battles and darting sessions any more, so ideal for long term players who still have an interest.

Having said that, they must have loads of dna to donate to players who need the rarer stuff?

Do you have a policy relating to the age of players?

I’m guessing it’s not a place for the under 18’s…

We have an opening, message me.on discord DemonDobie#2148

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Still have openings for the right people