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Tiros Darkmane's Counterpart?

Hi, man I’m probably too late, but I technically haven’t chatted with him yet so maybe not!

Apparently… You can match with Tiros Darkmane now! Neat!
…But I’d really like to see who his counterpart(s) is/are before I start with him. I thought it was Nicholas Adley, but I couldn’t match him last I checked… Anyone know?

He doesn’t seem to have one, kind of like the cat… so far anyway. They did release Charlie as a late counterpart to Zayn/Jake so it could still happen.

It better not be Nicholas!!! I will actually be so annoyed :joy:

That would be awful! But Nicholas looks like he has a really unique time travel story, so I think it wouldn’t be a sensible for them to scrap what they have planned and make him Tiros’s counterpart

Like others have said, I’m pretty sure he’s a standalone character. I’m sort of over the characters that are part animal as curious as I am to see where the Sage/Vitoria storyline goes (if it ever gets updated).

The time travel guy also seems to be a standalone character, unless there was another guy who looked like he came out of a Jane Austin novel, but I don’t think there was.