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Titan uprising alpha battle

I’m not getting the chance to part take in alpha battle it keeps saying to come back later and all my friends are getting through with it
And I am in a clan

I’m sorry to hear that you missed out on your Clan’s Alpha battle, @kimoi_sonlee. When you join a Clan, you and your Clan members will get a chance to battle an Alpha every day where you’ll need to deal enough damage to the Alpha to defeat it with your clanmates. As some Alphas are easier to defeat than others, it’s possible that your Clan members might have defeated the Alpha before you got a chance to battle. However, rest assured that more Alphas will reappear again. If you’re still having concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at

@Ned that is not the issue. Currently I’m logging in the second that alphas get announced that they have spawned and I literally get the same message saying to come back another time. Furthermore, I get no timer in my alpha page showing when the next alpha would spawn. Clearly this is the bug that @kimoi_sonlee is referring to. Not the fact that alphas are being taken down faster than they can get to. Can I get a response on this because the only response I got about this issue was an explaination of how clans and alphas work which is seriously not what I needed

I have also emailed support and have yet to hear back from them by email

Hey Chaosdude, if you had already contacted our support team with your support key, our team would be happy to investigate this further once they get a chance to see your ticket.

@Chaosdude You can also contact the support in game. It will automatically provide your support key, and you will be notified when you have a message back from support.