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Titan Uprising Forums Side Bar

This isn’t a bug with the game but a visual oopsie with the forums

The side bar when on the Titan Uprising page for your forums on both mobile version and it looks like desktop as well (I have the forums installed as an app-like button with no browser layout through an “add to homepage/add to screen” option in my browser but that doesn’t make a difference) white on white is not a good look, in fact it isn’t functional at all. Pretty much to use the side bar I have to go to another game or the homepage.

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I didn’t put this in #DragonsTitanUprising… It belongs in #uncategorized where I put it… I don’t think this really belongs in the Titan Uprising area because it is a miscellaneous problem with a small part of the Ludia Forums formatting, it just happens to only effect the Titan Uprising section, at least that I know of. (You might want to check the others formatting too because if it is a problem on one page it could be a problem with others.) A mod edited my post and moved it to this Titan Uprising section anyway though… I’m sorry if it doesn’t belong, it wasn’t my choice, although I don’t think I should go around undoing a mods edits.

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Hey @Cretinous_Martyr, the team is aware and they’re working on this. :slight_smile:


Huh… that’s odd since I used the add to homescreen and it doesn’t do that

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It might just be for android on chrome or chromium based browsers like Edge. This is what it looks like if it’s working right when booting up:

This is how it looks booting as an app:

As a control this is what it looks like from the browser:

Especially for the forums which already have a way of searching having it app-like saves a lot of screen space.