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Titan uprising lvl up problem


I have ran into a problem. I’m level 22, but I have gathered enough experience to go to 23. This doesn’t happen, and I don’t know why.


Hey thelizard_boy, it seems you just need a bit more XP to level up. Your picture shows that you are currently at 271013, and you need 271200 to level up.

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I got it, thanks.
I already found it a weird number for xp

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It looks like you have enough, but if you could see what the game sees, you obviously don’t have enough. If you play another round or so, just before it levels up, you will see the difference from where you are now and what it looks like the split-second before it levels up. I don’t know exactly how much more experience you need, maybe 500, maybe 1,000, maybe less. Since you haven’t leveled up with what you have, keep playing, you will soon-guaranteed