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Titan uprising problem

it’s hopeless i was transferring all my data through the android from my phone to the computer and then i got into the titan uprising app all the data of it is erased and so i tried to recover it’s data by matching it as i put it in it’s app as i tried android again but it’s no use because it didn’t function and i need to get this done and fast because the important events about it is going to expire sooner and i need your help to solve this problem when you figure it out let me know thank you.

Did you try reinstalling it from the play store?

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that would not work think something else to help it

If you have your support key you can try contacting support team and see if they can help you to recover your account… it will take time though… probably several days

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Hey G_Wa, was your game linked to your Google Play or Facebook? If so, please try reconnecting to either of those accounts in the game and see if that recovers your game data.

If you’re still having issues after doing that, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at with the support key from your game so our team can assist you.


i’ll try these stuff thank you

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what is the support key

When your game loads it shows unique support key (combination of letters and numbers at the bottom). You are also not allowed to share your support key on the forum. Only in email to support team.

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i’ll try the email ok and thank you the code bottom will change back when the problem is solved

that didn’t work either

with the support key functions the data and keep it the same

I’m sorry that you’re still having issues with your account, G_Wa. Have you reached out to our support team? They might be able to take a closer look at this on their end and assist you with your account recovery.

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that’s right and what is the support team

Our support team can be reached through email at

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this will help

i got my account set up on facebook

i got the game connected to facebook

guess what i figured out to recover my datas i found the settings in the level number and it it has all of what i’ve made thank you

Hey G_Wa, I’m glad to hear that!

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i’m waiting for the server to appear for the game to fully load