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Titan uprising problem

and what is this server for the game

Hey G_Wa, I’m not really sure what type of issue you are having. If possible, could you please share a screenshot of the issue? I would be happy to take a closer look at it for you. :slight_smile:

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this will help thank you

there how is that.

Thanks for providing the screenshot! It seems that your game is stuck on the loading screen, G_Wa.

If your device is connected to WiFi, try restarting the network and then relaunch the game and see if that helps. Also, clearing up some extra storage space on your device could help as well.

If you’re still having issues loading the game, please reach out to our support team at so our team can provide you with some further troubleshooting steps.

no problem

my storage of the phone is 93% how many more percentage that helps it fully load the game

Hey G_Wa, if you’re still having trouble with loading your game, could you please reach out to our support team, if you have not already? Our team would be able to take a closer look at your account and provide some further troubleshooting steps as well.


I need your help because my game won’t fully load



My game stops loading around half way through and it gets stuck. I deleted and downloaded the game again but it still gets stuck.

Is there anyway to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Aron_Szijjas, try disabling either your WiFi or mobile data network before launching the game and see if that helps you get past the loading screen.

If you’re still having issues after doing that, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team through the email address that was provided above on this thread.

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