Titanoboa Darting

Alright so, just wondering how well you guys have all been darting titanoboa, if you’ve been lucky enough to find any. It’s much harder to dart than most epics. I’ll start, I’m level 20 no vip.

And for those of you who haven’t seen any yet, I wish you the best of luck!
They do come from scents, that’s where I got my only snek.

absolutely nothing. :grin:
Have not gotten lucky with scenting it yet or even seeing it as a prox spawn.
gotten plenty of Giraffatitan and local epics tho.

Darn that sucks… But at least you did get plenty of any epics at all. Good luck!

thanks. you too.
(if i believe in Ludia, there will be a special incubator for it, so there is that if all else fails)

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I got 53 from one…just one. But it’s still early so maybe there is a 0.001% of finding another


133 (No VIP)

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I am just gonna say there was no shot I took that wasn’t a spot on hit.

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Exactly the same here!

I didn’t have full time, but I managed to get 61 for mine.

It might be the hardest Dinosaur to hit in the game so far. Even the rare, is brutally hard.


I think and it and rhino are tied

Gen2 is hard to dart. Can’t imagine this :grimacing:

It’s only a little tougher to dart than the rare imo. Darted 3 now. No scents used.

Scored a 103 non vip. I thought it was somehow easier than the rare one.

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Same lol. I got this 120 on the epic snake but my record for the rare is only 115.

Screenshot_20200207-185711_JW Alive


I darted 59 on her (I wasn’t very close). I will admit that it is really weird darting the snakes. It’s like an oversized worm. Lol! Hopefully sometime I’ll get a chance to beat my personal best. :wink:

On the rare, I’ve been able to reach just over 100.

I’m really convinced the hardest to dart are Maiasaura (darn leg target) and the galloping creatures. The worst one in my opinion is Brachiosaurus. It gallops and the small targets don’t help.

126, no vip

I found a Gen 2 this morning and all I got was about 82 DNA from it. Very hard to dart them.

Lucked out and got an Epic scent from the Scent Strike, so I took it to a park during the day and managed to spawn 2 Carbos and 1 Boa :heart_eyes:.
I got seventy-something from Boa, still not great but it’s an improvement. Now I just need 21 more DNA and I’ll have it unlocked.

Still only seen one in the wild so far, in spite of hunting way more often than usual.