Titanoboa ... found and now in level 20 sanctuary

Finally found 2x of them. One on Epic scent and one rare scent.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-03 at 16.41.30


Bit easier to dart then rare g2 titanoboa

congrats. now if i can find any in mu circle at work.

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Were you on a park?

Nope, @ city center

(Let the FIP-ing begin :sweat_smile:)


Ouuuu!!! I like this epic snake already. Hopefully I can find a lot. :blush:

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Godbless !

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Where is that gif from? :upside_down_face:

Harry Potter :mage:‍♂ :slight_smile:

Thanks. :smile:

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Used up two Epic Incubators, but found no snakes :frowning:

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It’s global spwan not Incubator only creature, and oof you wasted all your bucks😓


I came across 1 with an epic scent. I was in Area 3, btw, on a backroad.

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tried an epic scent in L1. i got 1 of each local non hybrid epics. sigh. no boa for me and none so far for my alliance mates.

I found one today. No scents used, it just popped up in front of me up town. I’m surprised some of the local town people haven’t committed me yet. Dancing around the sidewalks cursing at my phone.


Have yet to find one. So I am forced to FIP it from a sanctuary because I know with my luck I will never see it in the wild. Just like Turtle, Woolly Rhino, Enteledon, Mammoth, and the list goes on.

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they really have to make these things so dang hard to get. ruins a lot of fun and any amount of hype they managed to get. disappoint people too often and they’ll not bother showing up anymore.


So far my count is zero, but I did find 3 rare snakes.

Screenshot_20200203-170752_JW Alive

Maybe she’s looking for her epic counterpart too.

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5 hours hunting.
1 Epic Scent that yielded no snake.
I found a single wild one.

Yea. . . Great way to introduce the face of the update. It’s on the loading screen, as were Mammoth and Rhino.
Next update, don’t advertise with a creature that won’t be IN the game, please.