Titanoboa G2 hybrid idea

This creature is a crocodilian nightmare!

Rarity: Epic
Animation: Boas
Food: Dinos, eggs and fish. However it won’t reconcider eating humans

Purrolith LVL 10 (50 DNA)
Titanboa G2 LVL 10 (50 DNA)

HP: 4150 (i like 50s)
Atk: 1150
Speed: 113
Armor: 10% (it helps)
Crit: 10% (it’s different!! ;))

Move set:
Long decel. shielded strike
Dust cloud (I used the idea from another person)
Precise Rampage
Defence shattering Impact

Passive moves:
No escape
Rending counter
SI heal

Notes: I got rid of the OEDC and made a regular attack. Without futher shenanigans you can say this is a balanced Snake (right??)

Tell me wat you guys think: is this bustes or not and what do you think? And please don’t say it’s whird since i love my concept. Every tip is welcome!! It is not excluded to add your own TG2 hybrids aswel!

I hope you enjoyed my idea and i’d like if you’ll let me know your own ideas!

With that sayed, byby!!


Normal snakes are fast, not boas. On land they’re without doubt very slow

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I had same idea but gave up on it cause my art failed multiple times. lol

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You’re right. Should i slow it down or not?

What about a Erlikogamma and TitanaboaGen2 hybrid. That has the potential to be one good looking snake!


I agree, already starting the thingy!
Thanks for the idea pal!!!:wink:

I spelled Boalyth like Boalith!!! :sweat_smile:

I found out TG2 is more of a tank so i editted some stuff. :sweat_smile:

Titana G2 + Anklyocodon = Titanacodon

4250 hp
109 speed
25 armor
20 Crictical Chance

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Presice Impact
Definite Rampage
Decelerating Impact

Swap in Dodge
On escape Dust Cloud

Because of hybriding a snake with an amphibian, this snake got hands and feet, making easier for Titanacodon to catch small prey and to carey items to it’s den

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Titanacodon eats eggs,small to big prey, and birds

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I think the arms are to much but I love the rest of the concept!

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