Titanoboa in Tournaments

I just finished mine, thanks to a darting job and an alliance member who put one in a sanctuary. I’m trying it out in Slot #8. I suspect the mammoth is better, but hey, it’s a friggin’ giant snake and I haven’t lost yet.
But then, there’s that decision… Do I use it in the tournaments, or do I put it in the sanctuary immediately like my good alliance member did?
…After all, why not?
Why shouldn’t I keep it?


I’m using it in the tournament, it’s not a tyrant exactly, but it’s doing well when set up… and it has the coolest slowing imoact animation in the game, it’s worth trying it just to see it :grin:


Animations a great. and it’s fun to fight against. really makes you think how to win without swapping.

I dont have my epic one yet, but couldn’t resist taking some screenshots of the rare. :slightly_smiling_face::snake:

Screenshot_20200208-110241_JW Alive
Screenshot_20200208-105557_JW Alive
Screenshot_20200208-112600_JW Alive

By the way, Titanboa’s fainting move after she goes down is probably one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen.


Right!? So dramatic this critter

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I use G2 titanoboa and it’s solid

I’m using epic Titanoboa in the tournament as well, and it really isn’t the greatest creature. Animations alone are worth using her though.

Using only epic Boa in tournament. It’s best for finishing battles.

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I’m also currently using boa for the tourney, really good for her decel and precise rampage combo and her on escape rampage makes her shine, too bad she’s completely busted against Mammoth, Nemys and Lion. Man. I cannot stand the lion.

Lion does what it does too well. All it needs is enough health and whatever its fighting is dead in3 turns max

Screenshot_20200211-022110_JW Alive
Here’s my sneaky snake