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Titanoboa Mods Tournament

Ludia has announced the creature for the upcoming Mods tournament- Titanoboa. Because of course the mods tournament would be one of the few creatures that I do not have a single one of, much less unlocked.


I guess I’ll be doing it then. This will be hard.

They know how to draw you in… we are all like kids on a hot summer day when we see the ice cream truck coming.


I don’t have Titanboa, but I still refuse to take part in the tournament. It feels like Ludia is really pushing for MODs to be a thing. The trouble is, they’re expensive to make, and the fact you need three for one battle is a big drain.
So, no. I’m not taking part. But good luck to anyone else who is.


@Sionsith, great analogy… I was dead set against this MODS tourney at first. Now I’m going to have o see what it’s about as I missed out on the Titanboa when they had the unlock tourney for it some time ago. Good job Ludia!

Lots of unknowns that will decide my participation.
Must you use mods?
Must you use three mods?
Can you be successful using 0 or 1 mod?
Can you be successful using common mods?
How fast will this tournament move?


Was not going to participate, but dang it they found a way to make me. I want the titanoboa so bad!

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Really wish they had switched the creatures between this week and last week

Only way i might be tempted to participate is if they make it that you don’t need MoD’s till predator onward’s and even then give you the choice of using 1-3 MoD’s

Titanoboa huh? My Gigantophis is pretty much “discount Titanoboa”, so no problems skipping this one.

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Already got the Titanoboa unlocked, so if Predator league doesn’t take too much effort, I’ll take that and ease up. For VIP pts and S-DNA. :angry:


I have it unlocked already but will participate to see what it is about, I already have a stash of common and rare mods that is growing by the day now that I have a place to actually spend coin, I just wish the SR and Legendary MODs where not behind a paywall of DinoBucks. I think they should scale with the resource that is being offered for that raptor that day, meaning when that when the raptor needs coins for the common and rare MODs the SR and Legendary MODs should also be coin but be large amounts maybe SR starting at 3,000,000 coin and rising to 30,000,000 after ten purchases and the Legendary MOD starting at 9,999,999 for the first one and raising to 99,999,990 for the tenth one before it refreshes, you could do the same for the food and DNA costs and leave the one that cost straight DB for the day alone. But this would allow all players on some level to not feel like they have to pay for the SR and Legendary MODs unless they didn’t want to wait in which case they could use the DB option.



I’ve already got it, thank god… I very much dislike the Mods.


@Ned I have noticed the trades for the MODs seem extremely un balanced, for instance this MOD pictured here costs 400 DB to acquire yet the trade is for peanuts and I have noticed the same thing on most of the MODs.

Just curious if this is intended to discourage trading or if there is an actual issue with them in the Trade Harbor?


‘Trust me, no one is gonna make you a deal like this …” - C.D. :smiling_imp:


Same, I only need one Titanboa for the badges. And that I’m fine trying my luck on the prize drops.


I also have one and tho it’s not unlocked, the fact that I just barely made the Predator bracket in the last Jurassic tourney due to evolving Cenos (bc of the false advertising), I don’t expect to make dominator anyway…and then mods are added?? Yeah…maybe reduced playership will keep me in Predator, but not worried about unlockin* the boa just yet!!

An interesting question: Since we’re facing bots, does the level of participation even matter?


My only mention of that is the ease of different tourneys to move around the brackets varying from tournament to tournament…may have nothing to do with it at all.

I actually do have Titanonoboa although haven’t hatched him although an unlock would be nice. Not expecting to do much in this pay to play tournament though, if I even make much attempt.