Titanoboa needs more hybrids

I was reading this article about how snake had two legs at one point, but only the back ones. What if there were Titanoboa gen 2 and Dracorex gen 2 hybrid called Dracoboa, meaning dragon snake. It should be Legendary, but instead of being either snake or dinosaur, it should be a mix. It should have a long slender body, but have four short legs like the Purrolyth or Purrutaurus. It would look like a dragon, a have a spikey head like a dragon. It’s name means Dragon Snake. It should have good moves. Don’t give it a superhybrid. I love the name and don’t want a better version of this hybrid but with a bad name. It should remind every one of the Indoraptor, the way it stands, and maybe be based off of it. Turns make it longer and the legs farther spaced. Give it spikes long it’s back, and spines like those of the Indominus Rex or Indoraptor. The fact can be “Although resembling the Indoraptor, this deadly hybrid was made in an attempt to understand the evolution of snakes. The legs are farther spaced along the longer body. This makes the hybrid great at climbing, pouncing, running, and swimming!”

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How about just changing the epic titanoboa so that it is not an event exclusive?


That’s what I want to do too, though I once found a Titanoboa was on the map, and won 200 Titanoboa DNA in the special event. It was easy, and I am really bad.

Maybe there can be a Stegosaurus gen 2. There can be a Stegoboa hybrid, meaning roofed boa, a combination of Titanoboa and Stgosaurus, both gen 2. It should just be a big snake with large, triangular plates running all along the back. It should have a head that is a mix of Stegosaurus and Titanoboa with a beak and fangs. There should not be a thagomizer though. Give it Shielded decelerating strike, precise rampage, precise decelerating impact, immune to distraction, and on escape dust cloud. Precise decelerating impact will bypass cloak and evasion, deal 1.5 damage, and decrease targets speed for 2 turns by 50%. Give it low damage, high health, 15% armour, 20% critical chance, and 115 speed. It should be epic. Stegosaurs gen 2 should be rare.
This should have a superhybrid called Dimetrostegoboa, meaning two type roofed boa. It combines Dimetrodon gen 2 with Stegoboa. should have thin, long plates, with sails running in between them. The head will be small and rounded, with a small beak, two fangs, and small serrated teeth. Give it Shielded decelerating strike, armour piercing rampage, precise decelerating impact, immunity, and on escape dust cloud. Make it low damage, high health. It should have 10% armour, 20% critical chance, and a speed of 113. It should be legendary.

Their facts should be “The Stegoboa was an attempt to create a rattle on the Titanoboa using the Stegosaurus thagomizer as a catalyst, in the hope of domesticating it and rendering it more docile.” for Stegoboa.
For Dimetrostegoboa, it should say, “The Dimetrostegoboa was an attempt to alter the mistakes made in the Stegoboa genome. By adding a display instinct into the genome, the Dimetrostegoboa is a more docile, more advanced species in the Titanoboa bloodline.”