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Titanoboa progress lost

I was logged in just after the tournament’s started the morning and worked my way up to around 300 trophies in the Titanoboa one. I worked up through the leagues and got the S-DNA rewards along the way. I then closed my game out to tidy up before bed.

When I logged back into the game about half an hour later, I was back to 0 trophies in Hatchling league with no progress. I’ve closed out a few times to confirm, but still nothing.

Did anyone else have anything similar happen to them today? Is this a known issue around the start of a tournament? Super disappointed I need to do these battles again to get started.


Yes, that indeed happened to me


Are you sure that you didn’t accidently look in the Dilo one?
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Same happened to me. I took both the new tournaments up to bottom of Dominator, so approximately 300 trophies each. When I logged back in Dilo Gen 2 was still where I left it, but Titanboa had been reset back to 0.


Yep definitely. I checked both and they were both back to 0. I’ve left the Titanoboa one at 0 and just worked on the Dilo one for now.


Brutal. I notice that the Titanoboa tournament switched places - it was behind Dilo initially but now appears before it.

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I also played the titanoboa tournament and the whole event disappeared. I have two events left: cot and dilog2 tournament.


Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that your Tournament progress had reset. Please reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can assist you with this ASAP!

Thank you!


Same. Only tournament i can play now is diloph.

Why Ned? I never get anywhere with you guys. No offense hopefully

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You’ve got to be kidding. When it usually takes a week to get a response??

I know of a couple other players as well that have had progress reset on this tournament so I’m sitting it out until I hear that Ludia has fixed the problem. Hopefully it won’t take days for that to happen.


no! Why !!! this morning I was the 50th of the dominant, and here I am the first of the newborn league !!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

This definitely is a global problem that someone needs to get on right away @Ned. I had played up through a few levels and just to see what would happen, exited the game and then returned. The tournament is completely gone for me. I expect when it returns my progress will be gone too.

Edit: tournament back after I restarted again, progress lost.


i don’t have titanoboa and i don’t have dilophosaurus Gen 2! and now I’m good to start over for titano!

Hey Mary_Jo, please rest assured that our team is looking into this at the moment to try and find a fix. Until we receive more info from our team, we do recommend writing to our support team, however.


That’s hard, lucky for me I skipped the snake and had plans on doing it on friday… guess I’ll wait till tomorrow to play further.

For me there it wouldn’t be a problem since I’ve already got him but i think it’s hard for low level players, they should give them for free this dino haha it’s not fair that they use even DB to refresh and all be gone for them.

It’s an easy fix, free snakes for everyone that played and everyone should be happy haha and put back the event tomorrow

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Not sure why you would want all these upset players drowning the support staff in emails for the same problem… but so be it.


Ludia.please could you give titanoboa? :sob:

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And also I don’t know if it is possible to give back trophies in a tournament, and it would be almost impossible knowing how many trophies each player had while this happen.

The easy fix is to accept their mistake and give this card pack or give each player a 1000 trophies, and problem solved (to players who played this)


As if dual tournaments during the work week wasn’t going to be hard enough for us ALREADY. Frankly they should just drop that tournament and send Titanoboa to everyone’s mailbox.