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Titanoboa progress lost

The best decision possible to make for Ludia is the give away of the tourney pack to everyone who participated on the first day before the reset. That simple. Why? Do I really need to write down all the rightgeous facts again and again, that all of us have already done here, seperately or all at once? Look, I am frustrated too as losing 1.1k trophies all of a sudden but I can take both of the cards eventually because my line up is more than enough to do it until weekend and I also don’t need any single PvE coming up this week since I have unlocked the CoT and even completed it too and also having tons of resource, just because that I am a hell of a grinder myself, basically it is not my call but I have been there once where the EVERY SINGLE BIT OF A RESOURCE COUNTS. WE ALL have been there once. So take the responsibility of your unplanned actions and give yourself a lesson as giving those packs to everyone and maybe by this way, you could remember what you have done wrong and won’t repeat it next time.

The only reason that I have cut my silence and raised my voice was that the fact of these so called continuous in-game faults have literally turned into some kind of a disrespectful manner against all of the users, paying or not, of this game and community. You need to take action to change this route you have picked, ASAP. Otherwise, you will be losing a great deal of dedicated users, including me. Your game’s reputation is getting weaker and weaker each and every day, just saying. Your call, you decide. :call_me_hand:


I have just finished my first and single run a sec ago, and used my all possible rosters taking me 3 hours straight. For the ones who aren’t familiar with me because I’ve been staying silent for a long time, here is my current shape both in the tourneys and as resourcewise. I have completed all of today’s tasks including the daily missions, and I earned the 8th month rewards of my VIP subscription just before I got back here. (Also putting this here as a proof if tomorrow morning is willing to prepare another surprise for me, as I had in the other tourney.)

Here you go…


Wise words, I really hope they do justice and open their eyes to the mistake they will be making if they don’t give the pack to the ones who played it before their reset.


I posted this in the Tournament thread as well, but since we’re talking about Titanoboa tourney issues here, I thought we might consolidate averything:

So it looks like it is another issue with the thrice-cursed Titanoboa Tournament. A team of Apatosaurus/Prestosuchus/Concavenator, all Lvl 20 is getting 31 trophies in Titanoboa tourney and the exact same team gets 34 trophies in Dilophosaurus tourney…

So the Titanoboa Tournament has all of the following going for it:

  • Harder to climb through the early ranks
  • Resets you back to zero
  • Same teams provide lower trophy awards
  • During the weekday
  • At the same time as another tournament

Anything else Ludia wants to throw at us for this tournament? Maybe we should all battle while standing on our heads while we’re at it…


Absolutely! It’s terrible enough that we Forum members had to bring this issue that already happened once before into the light.

What of those players who are not on social media? Would they know of this as a global issue? Moreover this being an issue that happened once. Would some of them not get so frustrated as to temporarily or permanently quit The Game if such things happened to them? Oh right, Ludia is busier focusing on the happenings in Alive.

They just are not putting enough love into The Game as they used to, and I will say that thinking otherwise is just optimism trying to convince us not to feel bad. Glitches upon glitches, frustrations over frustrations… is Ludia not properly reading any of the Forums? What is the purpose of having a Forum under the official handle of Ludia if all of these words will anyway go into deaf ears, or, if the issue is fixed but resurfaces once again in the future, like the VIP buildings, the timer glitches on Bosses, and now this Double Tournament issue? We might as well just had a Discord server or so for discussing our gameplay progress and frustrations. How different would that be? I’m not encouraging but highlighting.

As @Cagkan_Coskun said, we play The Game for relaxation and not to have additional stress.


And yet they want us to pay 100 dollars for a single copy of I-Rex…


Continuing the discussion from Titanoboa progress lost:

Titanoboa tournament goes zero if we not playing ahead. I faced similar situation like you bro. This tournament sucks but very much exciting. I really enjoyed this time. Btw I’m in no 2. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::relaxed:


welcome to the forums


Thanks a lot Keith I’ll let you know if the in game support reply

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Welcome to the forum @raxgers
Its cool to play but if you don’t get the reward it becomes annoying, its why I decided to do the dilo gen 2 since the titanoboa is rigged


Here’s what I did… After the reset I cooled down my dinos and opened a ticket advising Ludia of how many Dino bucks I spent to cool down my dinos. They checked and restored the Dino box I spent. Technical glitches happen all the time. My company is in the middle of a two year long software rollout program so I get this. Ludia made it right and so I’m a happy camper.


So, this is where I am at (over 2000 in the other one). It took forever to get to dom. I’ll be really sad if it resets again.


Is this fixed already?

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I haven’t lost progress since.


I think @Timmah is right, they might have fixed it since I haven’t lost trophies too but still it’s recommended to keep screenshots of the score just in case.


I just got to Dominator and took screenshots, I hope my progress won’t be lost tomorrow… They said they were gonna let us know when this thing gets fixed, but I kept seeing posts about this tournament on the other thread like it’s working normally. Fingers crossed.


If it resets again I think that now we would get the Titanoboa pack reward, not recommending anyone to get their hopes up but now that we’re into Friday-Saturday.

As the first few reset cases happened on Monday-Tuesday, they wouldn’t have given the pack anyway but now it’s nearly ending so if that happens again we might get properly compensated.


Still secretly hoping that the Titanoboa pack will have 2 copies in it as compensation… it won’t, but one can dream


That would be great, but I agree with you on that low possibility though. Yet it is daylight clear that the previous 2k LP gift was way out of scale when it comes to the time we have lost during our vanishing run and the struggle right after when climbing back again to the dominator. Still sharing your dream. :slight_smile: @Icthyornis