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Titanoboa Tournament- 8/14/2020 -8/17/2020

It has been confirmed that this weekend’s tournament will be Titanoboa,the previous one was the first MODs Tournament and ended under 1000 trophies. As usual this thread will be to track the tournaments activity.


Very nice. We have an amazing host.


Thanks,my first time creating a tournament thread.

Good job. Looks professional


Thanks,means a lot.

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Please tell me this isn’t a mods tournament :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No,this isn’t a MODs tournament this time,MODs could also be the factor why the last one ended under 1000 trophies.


Mod tournaments have the green light around the event similar to PvP modded and other events that require MODs.

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Most Ferocious Tournament Cenozoic

Hoping it still ends under 1000 trophies this time.

Do we know if it is Ceno or Jurassic?

Hopefully Jurassic, i don’t know if i have the Ceno line-up on either game for a dom finish. I need to win this on my daughters game or i’ll never hear the end of it. She has been wanting this thing forever.


You use your jurassic creatures to win a cenozoic creature. Good luck on your daughter’s game!


Hopefully a Jurassic, wish you and your daughter luck with this. Titanoboa is the best Cenezoic tourney creature as Predator stated.

Good luck, I’m also going to try and win this creature on my little sister’s account.

It wasn’t under 1000 only as it was a Mods tournament I think,only VIP tournaments end under 1000,that too not always, its okay,I am sure your line up would have improved.

My plan:

Get into Dominator and stay there

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I did the same last time.

I want to secure a couple more Dominator finishes before starting on the aquatic and Cenezoic line ups. I got 2 more monostegotops hatching both of which will be done by the time the tournaments in here.

I just realized the title is 14/8/20-17/8/20 not 8/14/20- 8/17/20. :eyes: