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I think we need an easy way to acquire a Titanoboa. Ludia what do you think?

clash of titans?


CoT, except everyone will vote for the battle stage unlock instead of the Ceno. :frowning:


That will probably happen because people like Jurassic more than Aquatic or Cenozoic.


I would love to have Titanoboa, but I’ll have no choice if we have an option between that and other things like Troodon or Lythronax.

true,even the gigantophis

If Metriacanthosaurus is there,I am not voting for any other option no matter what,be it troodon,lythronax or even Woolly Mammoth.

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I’d go for Lythronax. Metriacanthosaurus is a frequent CoT whereas Lythronax had just two events. Also, Glythronax is a darn awesome hybrid.

Metriaphodon is way more important than Glythronax ever will be ,Metriaphodon>Yudon I say, I would not waste a vote on Lythronax(not exactly waste) , but Cerazinosaurus ,another balanced high end carnivore like glythronax is easily
Unlockable through just Monday’s earth shatterings and Battle stage 75 giving ceratosaurus. Cerazinosaurus is less expensive than Glythronax and Stronger in terms of both health and attack . Metriaphodon is far more important, Zalmodon satisfies the need for a pterosaur meat shield,but Metriaphodon is needed, Glythronax, Allonogmius,Yudon,Cerazinosaurus,Erliphosaurus, all of these are balanced/meat shield carnivores, while Metriaphodon is a glass cannon,hence having a superior cooldown,and more use, gorgosaurus creates gorgosuchus,the only good high end amphibian in the entire game.

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In the future,when you improve your line up as you level up, you will face higher ferocity opponents,and you will reach a point where you face level 90 Prestosuchus and creatures of sort,even if you keep your ferocity the same,the infinite battle gives you battles of nearly twice your ferocity, and you will need good pterosaurs for those,you cannot use a level 90 Prestosuchus yourself,so you can at least use a counter to it. You yourself will need Metriaphodon more than Glythronax. You just do not realise yet,but with time,you will come to see just how much.

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Who needs Metriaphodon and Glythronax when we have Indoraptor? :laughing:


Metriaphodon is needed. Glythronax and Allonogmius will need serious buffs if expected to be purchased. Late game, it is the only good pterosaur other than Zalmodon, and the only good late game glass cannon pterosaur. After Zalmodon,it sinks a lot. Glythronax is the second worst tournament creature,the worst being Allonogmius, both are overpriced, a Metriaphodon is reasonably good for its price.

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Indoraptor satisfies the need of a good carnivore,and since it is in cycle throughout the year and needs no DNA, it is good,but if a Clash Of Titans vote appears, I would go with Metriacanthosaurus no matter what the next creature would be.

Looks like we got way off topic

if its troodon u have to get it cuz its required to make yudon