My 9yo son is a huge fan of the game and designed this legendary hybrid. Titanosuchus is a resilient creature composed of Einiasuchus and Titanaboa DNA. It has greater stunning strike, dig in, decelerating impact and precise rampage with swap in stun (I know it’s a little OP :man_shrugging:). Titanosuchus usually rams its prey before eating it.


What would be the ordinary strike? All of these have a cooldown. Maybe instead of Greater Stunning Strike and Decelerating Impact, it could have Greater Stunning Impact and Decelerating Strike. If you wish, I can make some stats up for you. It will be a couple hours, as I will be on the road.

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Good point and thank you for the feedback!


4200 Health
1100 Attack
113 Speed
20% Armor
10% Critical Chance
On Escape Rampage
Swap In Stun

Resilient Strike
Dig In
Greater Stunning Impact
Precise Rampage

Stun 67%
Swap Prevention 50%
Taunt 100%
Distraction 100%

Possible Design:
An orange body, with Black spots across its back. A frill, with a horned nose, and a beak similar to Einiasuchus.

Possible Description:
This superhybrid rushes it prey instead of ambushing it. Once it catches up, it rams the prey until it is unconscious. Titanosuchus prefers open plains, where it can hide in tall grass, and with its colorations, it easily hunts during dawn and dusk. Titanosuchus also has been seen in small groups, likely due to the ceratopsian dna in it.


This drawing would go great in JWA Artwork!

Thank you again, this is so cool! I have shared it with my son and he’s thrilled.

True, it wasn’t obvious on mobile but we’ll do that in the future.

Well good! I’m glad he enjoyed it! Was there anything you think should change?

He was thrilled with your elaboration and suggestions. He’s working on it more right now. :star_struck:

Alright. Post when he is finished. Always good to make people happy about what they enjoy.

Mine is tentoconstrictor

Level 30

Health: 5432
Damage: 2001

Fierce strike
Gashing wound
Resilient impact
Defense Shattering Rampage


Stun,rending,distraction,DoT: 100%
Speed decrease:90%

Wounding piercing counter
Swap in defense shattering impact
On escape cleansing shattering impact
Do you guys think this Omega hybrid is too op?

Im a bit shy to Show the design so yeah…

Don’t be, we’re all accepting here, we won’t judge you for it, although maybe post in in jwa artwork

I do think the abilities are a bit too much. I would go with swap in invincibility myself, as that is much more useful and mainly not as broken. Also, why piercing for the counter? It does bleed, so no need for a piercing. On escape shattering or cleansing strike, but not both, as well as with shattering thats 3k damage that cant be avoided, so with a strike it is easier to manage. Speed is a bit too much, maybe 120 or 116? Also, Speed Decrease Resistance of 50% would be fine, as it does have a slowing option. I like it though, and please post the artwork! Always nice to see, as I can barely write a decent sentence. Also, rending to 50%, because rending at 100% is just too much. Whats the crit chance? Im thinking 10% myself.


Titanosuchus is synapsid