! TJC2019 is recruiting!

We’re great bunch! Semi obsessed with the game. We are looking for daily active players that play In the arenas and tournaments. Don’t like boss battles that’s okay.
We reach level 8/7 consistently, and would like to get better. Last tournament we did tier 7 , not bad but would like more. We will remove those who don’t participate in tournaments or arena battles.
We are members of ARK and have level 20 sanctuaries to offer.
We prefer dis cord.
If you want to join us shoot me a message!

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can i join?

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Yeah! Send us request

We have room for more. We do require play in the arena and in tournament

Hi everyone! We’re still looking for two players that love tournaments and level 20 sanctuaries!! Como join us thru discord!

Hi guys!! Do to inactivity some players have been removed. We now have 4 places. 2500 trophies or more. We would like player that like to battle in the tournament. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries which requires player not to place dinos just interact with them. DIS CORD is preferable for raids.

We have some room for a growing player

We have one more space for someone looking for a friendly alliance. We do require you play in the tournament weekly and complete daily missions. Helping the team is what is all about! We love to raid and have discord to help out with organize those. We donate as much as we can but that’s an option. We do remove inactive player after 10 days when we get no response. We offer 3 level 20 sanctuaries. And tier 7/8 incubators in the tournament. Weekly 8/8 rewards!

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