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To all the pvp complainers


This is my team, I’m currently close to 3000 points. I even tried to stay at 2500 and dropped to 2000 several times on purpose but I was back at 2500 in only a day or 2. I don’t know why all of you are complaining about velociraptors being op and all, yes they are annoying but easily countered, I don’t even use them at all. Also I spend about €20 in total on this game, so it’s not pay to win, I just spend a lot of time searching for dino’s.


I have a similar team :slight_smile:

Currently on 2,763 trophies, Arena 6, and climbing (on a win streak but stopped due to incubator space).

Spent £65 GBP.


My god, I thought I was one of very few! Granted I became ViP for these Showcasees, but I’ve only spent hardly $20 myself ($9.99 ViP, $1.99 for a Level Up Offer, and $4.99 for another offer). I still find some raptors OP and super annoying despite my counters, but they can be dealt with. Do they need a nerf? Eh, bit if a grey area. On one hand, yes, on the ither, no. People are just so spoiled these days, it’s not even funny. Patience is a powerful virtue.

Also, this is my team (struggling with my sea legs still):


That Lv16 Legendary Fusion you got…is that what I think it is? If so, I faced one on the Arcadia…was not a happy camper…


Yes, that is it. Got it from a Legendary incubator with cash I had from my level up offers :slight_smile:

Edit: actually no, viper pointed out its probably a different hybrid to mine.


Are you sure? I think that’s an alinosaurus or smth, a hybrid with the allosaurus :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think a lot of us will be getting slammed by everyone out there who gets Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo into their roster. Time to change strategy for the battle arena.

Case in point: just lost 3 consecutive battles, and each player used Blue. This was on arena 3, BTW. I don’t usually lose that many in a row, so something needs to be done or the arenas will be nothing but raptor team kill boxes.


Yeah, you’re right, the feet don’t look the same - good spot.


It is, it’s the other one. My other message is hidden.