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To battle or not to battle


I am beyond stoked I am ranked 231. I wanted top 500 in this tournament. Have never been ranked before this tourney. I have had an insane streak of good luck RNG. No way I should be this high.

Now, do I stop battling for 8 days? Or would the lost time of incubators out weigh the top 250 prize ??


I’m afraid that you couldn’t be able to stay in top-250 without battling. But you will decently stay in top-500


Figured as much. Oh well, back to work lol


What is the difference in prize reward?
I’ve camped for a week in the past, you miss out on a lot and it’s also really boring


Personally I could stop battling for a day, maybe two if I had a couple of decent incubators on standby but over a week - no!


8 days untill finish, so yeah battle to the end or at least when it’s one day left stop battling