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To Bug or not to Bug that is the Question

Lately there has been tons of discussion on the forum that exploiting a bug is cheating and should get you banned or you lose your stuff that you got!

Ok I conceded that because it’s not in the TOS but in the Fair Play and community Guidelines!

But how are we supposed to know if something is a glitch or bug or just a part of the game?

Since day one and still happens today and has been discussed by everyone and the developers are fully aware that if you force close the game before you finish the darting round you get another shot at it!

Some say it’s a bug and some say it’s the way it’s supposed to be!

If you open a PvP incubator early your darts can go another max 140!

Again is it a bug or normal

Personally I believe a in game message needs to be sent out to ALL players when Ludia discovers a bug that can be exploited to get stuff that is extra and against the Fair Play guidelines!

Otherwise how do we know if it’s a bug or something Ludia just decides to change!

To bug or not to bug?

Well if you spend fortune on the game, bug because they won’t ban you!
If you are free player or spend little, don’t do risk it, your expendable in Ludias eyes!

But seriously, nobody should ever cheat or exploit. And in most cases it’s very clear if something is working as intended or not!

As for the force closing of the game when you don’t get a good DNA score, this is most certainly an exploit!
The darting system doesn’t not offer a retry option, which means you aren’t a supposed to do it!

How do you know?!

In tournament it said no trophies given for so… When you got some it should indicate a problem.

In store when after days of disappearing boost offers it goes unlimited you should think hmmmmm…

It’s common sense