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To collect, or to battle?

Just wondering if anyone else has already been through this…

My ultimate goal when I started playing was Gotta Catch 'em All. I was doing well with this goal… Until I fell behind a bit when park exclusives became a thing, and I’ve struggled to really get back ever since.

In terms of DNA, I’m chock full of commons and rares. The only rare I still need is Dracorex, and members of my alliance don’t really hand it out (fair enough, they need it for their own Utarinex I imagine). I need so many epics, but I rarely see them out and about. When I do see an Epic, it’s one I already have loads of anyway. When it comes to incubators of any sort, they almost always give me repeats of what I already have 1k+ of. A friend of mine recently started playing and got an incubator from a strike event that contained DNA for three epics I still needed. When I completed it, I got epic DNA of dinos I was already overflowing with.

I love sanctuaries, but when you need so much DNA, they’re not that helpful. They’re fantastic if you need to level something, or if you only need a smaller amount, but it would take forever to get the DNA I really need.

So what do you think? As a casual player, should I continue trying to collect (meaning coins would be spent getting creatures to level 20, including those I won’t use) or just aim to get a better team and let the game decide when I’ll unlock the critters I need?

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Im in the Gotta Catch Them All route. Just casually play with no hurry, eventually you will get there. Walk and hunt when you can on different zones, use the scents according to zone and need and try to open as many incubators as possible. I’ve been playing for abit more than a year and since a couple of days ago, just left with the tortoise and its two hybrids to complete the current dinodex. Im not playing to be the best in the arenas, my team has been themed to my favs since the beginning and not necesarilly balanced…i just fight for the incubators and thats it. So do as you will.


Gotta Catch Them All.


I’m a gotta catch em all. It will take forever for me, but i’m willing to wait. With what I can currently make, I’m aiming to make 2 new uniques, tryko and erlidom, by the end of october. I’m a little luckier with my alliance donating the rare dna I need to get things to 20, but it usually maxes out at around 100ish for the request. I’ll worry about being the best when my collector status has been reached.


Why not both?

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Gotta catch em all!

Before 1.9, I had all creatures.

Now I just the 2 turtle hybrids so it’s going to be a while. The level 15 turtle hybrid is the park locked turtle mixed with the trike event only. Fun fun.

The level 20 turtle is of course park locked turtle, Monday night see cat, and pachy event or incubator.

This really kills the fun for me at this point with them all being tied to something and not just the luck of finding and darting.

So my sanctuary dinos are always the same. Before 1.9 I was going to start f/I/t only rare irritator or erlikosaurus to work on maxing magna or erlidomimus.

Now it’s overwhelming because all of the exclusives. It started with allosaurus gen 2 and nasutoceratops. Ok just 2 exclusives I knew would make some good hybrids. So I kept my Diplodocus in there and rare irritator.

Then 1.9 drops and I had to unlock the turtle by feeding and stuff everyone else’s since there’s no park near me. Now I have one and sometimes I put it in or sometimes just mess with everyone else’s turtle. I got mine to level 12 almost 13 now. It’s a slow boring road. I don’t want to use it on the turtle but I need so much dna for the hybrids.

Allosaurus gen 2 is level 15 could go to 16.
Nasutoceratops is just early into 15.
Turtle is 12 almost 13.
Then I’ve been using irritator to still work on something I actually want to or at least get the 15 dna back.

I think there are too many exclusives. Going to take forever to finish my dinodex again because the stupid turtle.

Battles I could care less about. I get no enjoyment from them. I have a solid team and as you know I’m unboosted. I just want to collect my incubators and complete my goals. I want to stay in the aviary for potential Pteranodon dna.

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As a casual player have a collect all the actual prehistorics and the two film hybrids. Otherwise I don’t bother with the hybrids. But then I came here to play dinosaurs. Instead I have set myself the goal of collecting all the prehistorics (only Carbonemys to get) and get them to level 20. Done.

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Collect. Definitely.


Thanks for your advice, everyone! After reading all the replies, I’ll stick with collecting (and battling remaining a secondary quest for me.