To Developers: please give rural players something to hope for


I would like to applaud Ludia’s meticulous and continuous effort of crafting this high quality game.
Please do forgive me to bring up some of the difficulties I am facing in my none-urban area.
TL;DR : rural players, while paying equally to Luida, spending the same effort as city players, are gimped in every possible way. (as of patch 1.3.11)

[1] only 0 event point (park point) within 100s of kilometers (hopefully this was a glitch)
[2] limited number of spawn points (exacerbated by limited cell data coverage)
[3] mostly “plain” spawn points. Many dinos are never seen spawning.
[4] limited supply drops, which is manageable with VIP.
[5] no walmart nor AMC, miniscule compared to above problems.
[6] The only fair feature, Arena, is impacted too, as your ranking in solely affected by your dinos.

Note, I am aware of the Google map “Point of Interest”. It doesn’t help much in my case as all of my area’s POIs are all located in the same building complex that doesn’t even exist yet in google map.

I am still clinging on to hope as I can see Ludia’s effort to make every details in the game right. But I am increasingly having a feeling that I am wasting time and sizable money for pitiful returns. Ludia, please comment, either way, it helps the rural population to make better decisions.


Sorry for the bump, would like to bring more light to this issue.


Bump cuz I live in a rural area as well!!!


Perhaps Ludia can introduce algorithm to compensate for the lack of POI in rural and small towns? For example, For every 100 square kilometers guarantee the amount of total spawn points in that area.


I live in a rural area, too, but I’m very impressed with the supply drops and spawns near me. 2 dinos spawn behind my house on a regular basis (granted I had to get VIP to be able to reach them) and there are multiple drops/spawns on the rural roads near me.

For some perspective, I’m a lvl 40 PoGo player, which was not easy to achieve because there are no stops or spawns within 2.5 miles (4 km) from my house! So I have to say, Ludia is definitely doing something right with regard to urban/rural balance.

It might be worse in some areas, I don’t know, but it appears to me that they’re trying not to neglect rural players.


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Totally joking! You all should get more dinos for sure. I just love the quote.


I’m having this issue as well my sister lives in a city miles away and get lots more rare dinos appearance every day


I feel you and here it is an UP on this thread.
This need to be fixed seen that now the event rules are changed, you cannot camp in the park to have at least a chance to use 12 attempts every re-spawns of dino… let alone choose the dino you want to hunt. It sucks when I go out for work 30 minutes earlier to bike the parks in my neighborhood just to realize there are all Litronace when I want Deinocheiro that doesn’t spawn in my city… :sob:


Do you have park spawn points in your vicinity? (walking distance)
Do you have a bigger town within 10 mins of drive? Do you always have cell coverage while driving to that town?
Have you played this game in a city? Have you tried riding a bus for an hour or 2 in a city?
How often do you see an Epic dinosaur spawn?


What he said, my town has 1500 people in it and I can walk all around town catching them or even on the country roads.

That being said orchards, farm land & forests are barren. I would love to see just a little more so the very rural people can play too, plus how cool would it be to go hiking, backpacking or camping and be able to find them in the woods?


I do.
I do.
Try 2 1/2 hours on a bus one way for years.
Epics at parks, sometime they are all epics.


you have to play this thing once or twice in a city, and ride a bus in a city, in order to feel the meagerness and monotony of small town spawns.
However, the biggest unjust is that I am almost cut off from the only source of rare and epics: event spawns


I’m in a rural area too. There are quite a few regular blue boxes and parks with green boxes but the downfall is barely a signal or just a dead zone in the parks by me. The Florida Horse Park and Florida Greenway Trail by my house is pretty much a dead zone. If I’m in a certain area in the park, I get to see ALL the green boxes but as soon as I walk to them, they sigh disappear and reconnecting error. On the other side of my town which is 45 min away and urban-ish, my daughter is taking swim lessons and I get full bars at that park. Tomorrow is her last class; so, my son and I won’t be catching much until either my son goes back to school or I finally start my job in Orlando with my hubby driving which is 1.5 hours away.


Rare I actually see daily but epic maybe one like every 2-3 weeks.


Exactly, Limited Cell signal coverage exacerbate the rural problem even further.


The latest AR, Walking Dead: Our World, certainly steps in the right direction of treating remote area customers with more respect.


48 hours, 0 Utahraptor spawns from this week’s event.
For the same amount we pay for VIP and other packages, we remote area players should deserve equal treatment and at least some minimum respect.


There should be roaming herds of dinosaurs for us rural players! :grin:


If geological features are so diverse amongst your player base, do not put the bulk of game progression on geological features!
Right off the bat everyone starts from unequal footings.
Good game design encourages activities, it doesn’t mandate activities.