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To everyone who have beaten Lord Lythronax in more than 9 attempts

Congratulations to you all, I applaud your persistence and will-power :clap::clap::clap:


Why am I getting notifications like this is a reply to me?
Its like that for a few other topics too. :confused:

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I have absolutely no idea. I haven’t tagged you or anything :open_mouth:

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It only took me 96 attempts but I finally beat him!


Actually The Lord got bored and left!

He came out and said “Jeez not you again! I am out of here!


Jesus, 96?!?! For real?!?!?

Rolybert (T-Rex) : Stomps in with full might
Lord Lythronax (Regina): You again??? Persistent thing, aren’t you?

Raven you know me better than that! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:! Actually I think I really did 8 altogether! ( now everyone on the forum say 8) “Airplane” reference!


I’m still getting notifications for this topic… Lol

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You get notifications for a topic once you reply to it I believe

Hey what’s up dudes.

Just joining random topics for random reasons.

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I tried battling Lord Lythronax. I lost…
I didn’t try a second time.

I did it on the 5th attempt. In the first two Lord Lytronax he played the perfect punches against my creatures. Since the 3rd attempt, he no longer played “perfect” …


Only if they’re replies to you specifically.
I didn’t have this problem before April 1th. Lol

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I used more than 15 attempts. #Stubbornness

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Did you get it though?

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I tried a total of 63 attempts and didn’t win it, my approach was:
18 T-rex
18 dracocera
15 dracorex gen 2
21 Indoraptor

And I didn’t win!
There is 617 bucks down the drain, thanks ludia! >:(:rage:



I did!

14th attempt I think

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I beat it (barely), MEGA Becky saved me last second and killed it with the distracting rampage; now the problem is what to do with the Lythornax DNA?

I’m surprised that I won using:
Indominus rex lvl 18
MEGA Becky (Procerathomimus) lvl 15
Alita (indoraptor) lvl 21
Allosinosaurus lvl 18


I saw your post on Facebook I think. Very impressive. Probably one of the lowest level teams to beat it.