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To everyone who thinks indo gen 2 and Stat boosts are balanced


And this


I see no problems with Indo Gen 2. She is perfect the way she is. No nerfing is required. Both of those Thors can be taken out by my Thor easily. Utahsino is a pain and I get that.


Dude when a Dino can do can make you do 1/4 of ur attack, cleanse anything you throw at it, as well as speed up over and over until it team is dead then there is something wrong


So yes nerfing is required


If that is the case then the Rat gets a serious buff and swap in Defense shattering rampage returns. I also hope it gets immunity. Let’s not forget Thor gets 70% crit chance. Indo Gen 2 does not need a nerf.

Indo g2 don’t need a nerf, Cautious Strike need a rework. Removing speed up from it would solve many things.

Oh, baby Thor. :grin::rofl:


Every single thing except for one ( indo gen two got. A nerf from 1.10 and yet this fonto can do it all it can beat bleeders, tanks, chompers, speedsters, distracters anything you throw at even maxima will die and you can’t debuff it it just gets faster and cleanse and dodges and distractions and one you are fast and it barely survives it can gi for mutual gain speed increase attack and then be like that for the next Dino and the you can’t evade or even shield from its ridiculous. And Thor already isn’t that great the only reason people think that is boost the rat everyone knows needs a nerf

Lol ya know honestly if I could speed up or cleanse it be good and make its attack similar to gen 1 boom it’s good and better than gen 1 but also still strong

Well Indo Gen 2 was new by the time 1.10 came about. Why nerf something that is brand new? Makes creating it become redundant

Monomumis got nerf when it was new, indo got nerfed, indom got buff, trex got nerfed twice as well as stegocera.

All your pictures are just examples of bad counters to IndoG2. Maybe you should “learn” the game by using better counters :wink:


Indo g2 most broken thing is cautions strike
Remove purify and distract from it and its fine

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Hmmm okay tell me what counters are there then that will beat it 100% of the timw

I think just speed up and cleanse but ya that works too

To be fair, like Haagsma said, those are bad counters.

Ardentismaxima works well against her. I think Geminititan might as well, but I don’t see her often enough to try. Erlidom can get lucky and destroy her, but not always. Tryko seems fond of destroying my Indo2 at times.

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I have been able to one shot Indo Gen2 with Thor many times. It is not a hard dino to counter. You can slow it and you can distract it. Incorporate dinos with those abilities and you will be fine.

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And it cleanses first turn

Ok I may be wrong in that regard. However it can be slowed easily. Once you get the upper hand hit it with a powerful move that will crit it.

Had a good laugh too.