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To Everyone Who Whines About Nerfs And Buffs!


Hold your horses, This is just a game and we have free will, so as just Ludia who designs the game. For those who whines, you can air your frustrations here and be heard …or not. We all came here to play and have fun and nobody forced us to invest time and money and it’s our free will to surrender and stop playing or continue. So enough about those threatening walkout and decide what you have to do once and for all. Leave or stay. Who cares! Ludia doesn’t. So why should you ?


Looks like you are a very casual players who does not know how much time, effort en money it costs to level up dinos and uniques. Just to nerf it to death if just plain robbery. How can i downvote you?




Its always great to see people who jump straight to assuming so much about another player without probably knowing anything about them.

Time and effort is one thing in making a hybrid. Any money spent is on you…no one has forced you to pay anything at all to play the game. :slight_smile:


I spent real money and time playing this game and nobody forced me to do so. I trust that whatever logic Ludia has about nerfing and buffing, it is their business. If you are not satisfied about the product then don’t buy it. Plain and simple.


It’s not us against Ludia,
Nor is it Ludia against us.

It’s both parties working towards a more enjoyable platform :raised_hands:t4:


If dinos were not nerfed or buffed the game would become stale with the stronger players remaining so.

I’ve put more money than I should have into this game but also understand that if things don’t change or had changed I would have got bored. If your shooting everything and keeping a good stock of dna it doesn’t matter if something gets nerfed as you’ll be able to boost something else…


Its not about buying only.
You are provided with one awesome thing for getting it you can spend time, efforts (which is also can be converted to money) + money. Then in a month or two they just make it bad. Would you really be happy?

If you know from start that this is bad/not meeting expectation you have choice to not buy but if you buy because it was good and then gone bad then do you/we get our efforts/money back?


It doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s choice to spend money on this game. The fact is that it’s an option that is offered and we shouldn’t feel robbed after doing so. How would you feel if you spent a ton of money on a new tv and a couple months later it turned to only black and white instead of color? No one forced you to buy it. People who spend money on JWA are the ones who keep the updates and new features coming. We would still have v1.2 if no one spent money.


Imagine that you’ve bought a beautiful lamp. It’s nice, gives good light and you like it. But in a month the shop manager comes to you and changes it to an ugly bad lamp.

Would you also stay calm? Everybody has a free will, you bought it yourself, but the factory decided that this lamp now has to look another way. It’s their product and they see it in a different way right now.


We just need to chill on the drama front until we actually know what is going to happen. I for one is excited who gets to be nerfed and buffed next. This points to theory of evolution. Survival of the Fittest. Those dinosaur that didn’t evolve in this game will go extinct. So thanks for buffing and nerfing this game remains contested and exciting. You never knows what going to happens next. Hmmm the suspense is thrilling.

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a lamp… really?


Return the lamp and hope you kept your receipt for a refund. Oh sorry Ludia don’t do refunds.

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I’ve said this before but, Ludia has every right to make changes to their game and their dinos. However, at the end of the day they are a business and making their customer base unhappy is not good business. We all are paying customers here even if it’s just spending time playing without actually spending real money. Not to mention reputation goes along way. Being known to push dinos and then nerf them right after is not something I would expect would look good for their reputation.

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I actually enjoy changes to dinosaurs, even though i’m level 14. :open_mouth:

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angry mobb mentality will only go so far. stay positive. the changes are either for balance, to introduce more creatures or to stop nuisances. if you feel they are robbing you then id pay more attention to the time/money you invest.


Why the “money spent is on you” argument is invalid-
If you buy a car with a V8 and ford decides its too fast and cones to your house without permission and puts a 4 cylinder in it… Are you ok with that?

If you buy a 52" TV and sony decides its too big, takes it and gives you a 32"… Is that ok?

If you buy a 16 ounce steak and the waiter decides to take 8 ounces back because it was too much… Still ok?

At the end of the day if you spend money on something you have the right to the reasonable assumption you will possess what you paid for and not a lesser version


these instances are farfetched though lol. anything more realistic?

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in real life what happens is… you buy a samsung 8 and next week its already outdated by the samsung 9 plus.


What if you pay to stream a movie online and they cut it off halfway through because they think you need to spend more time outside? All of these examples are perfectly in line with the situation at hand. If you pay for something and you are then provided with less than that thing you should be expecting a refund