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To expensive and infair

Dear ludia,
The stat boost reset was a great idea. However, it has become too expensive for many players to afford to keep up with others who can afford all the boosts or who dump all their boosts into one or two dinos resulting a 3-0. Please consider reducing the price of stat boosts or the cost of boosts per teir. Thank you


I’ll pass your feedback to our team, The_blaze. Thanks!


Reducing the price? Have you really thought this through?? Making the boosts cheaper just means that the other players will buy more boosts than you will be willing to spend.

You will be playing against fully boosted teams not just 1,2 or 3 dinos.


This is a bad idea. I never understand why people make suggestions like this.

People that have the money spend it on boosts, and those that find it too expensive to keep up ask for boosts to be reduced in cost, which will please those with money to spend and end up buying more because price reduces and those that can now buy remain as far behind as they were before because nothing has actually changed.


Problem is not just the price … it’s that Ludia is promoting players to Pay their way up the arena. Making things cheaper is not the solution, asking for FIPs to be sold is not a solution. this will make things much much more frustrating in the long run. Don’t underestimate how bad some people are with their money and what a for-profit company will do to generate revenue.

Before the rampant sale of boosts, I paid for things on occasion. I was a “vip” and made occasional value purchases.

Now I have become completely free to play and even actively avoid watching ads. Many friends who started playing at launch have left to the point that Most of my friends list are 0s. I can’t say I blame them.

I’ll turn off the app if I’m against someone who’s paid to boost the heck out of their team… or if I’m free, I’ll happily waste their time just as they plan on wasting mine.

If you find that the arena is unfair … or the game is trying to rob you of money or fun, i wouldn’t sit idly by. Your time is far too valuable.


They should just reduce cost per tier and lower speed boost to +1 speed per tier. Even for this reset is needed. Even though they added option to remove boost, without reset many players will be angry.

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Same here. VIP ended today. Not one cent spent in boosts since months. Not one cent to be spent on the game anymore. Not supporting their concept any longer.


Lowering boost prices as others have said will just result in a worse situation. Sure you will be able to buy more, but those will more money (or same money but less impulse control) will buy more, and so will still be ahead.

Also I dont think the company would consider a price drop because boosts 1.0 was already overpriced and they still went ahead and made them more expensive…they tend not to take reasonable actions and instead double down on the money making schemes, even to their own detriment.

I honestly dont know if it’s a case of them not realizing the current status quo isn’t working…or if they do realize but just dont care.

If they do know and dont care it makes me wonder what their end goal is…or rather if they even have an end goal.


After boosts were added to the game I cancelled vip and when 2.0 happened I got wise to the levels that Ludia were willing to stoop to. I won’t watch ads or do tapjoy either.

Before boosts I often bought the odd incubator and happily paid the monthly vip subscription.

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Despite lowering prices… There’s one thing…


I made this :nut_and_bolt: wait the full time each round…and would gladly do it again


I love how with all the actual good ideas about boosts that have been brought up… this gets forwarded to the team


Thank you matchmaking

@E.D … here are resets in action.
This is more than 30 over my fastest dino.

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Are you able to view the rest of there team? It’s probably there crutch dino. But with all these boost sales(that some say none are buying) some teams now have 2-3 crutches.

That’s what they should look at also, how people distribute boosts.

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This is an OG player I actually know that grinds hard and has been playing for some time but the point is that resets are an unnecessary tool that tortures lower trophy players and wastes the time of higher trophy players.

They knew it was me and understood the problem in match making so no hard feelings but it begs the question, what grand purpose do resets even serve? I asked and they were over 700 trophies higher than me before the reset. And the surprising thing is, They also avoid battling after a reset because they get wrecked by even stronger teams (if one could imagine such a thing).


I actually agree with the OP. Reduce the price - a lot. Make them micro (micro) transactions. Charge me $0.25 per level. It would bring balance.


The reset happens so that everyone is crammed in one place and those with bigger crutch dinos will rise.

There’s no strength checking in Library and up. So players are bait to the people getting lots of boosts. Once they go back to where they belong with other big huge boosters, things will pan out.

And just saying no harm to anyone…that much speed means two things… bought a ton of boosts, or it’s a crutch honestly.

I bet it also inadvertantly gives boost addicts a rush as they see there worth, by buying and pumping crutches up as they smash by other players with lesser boosts until it will have them by players that are a like.

That’s when they decide on dropping down some or actually competing.

I’ve been with this game since day 1…like other people on this thread I’ve had VIP for a year and have bought the value and true ‘micro’ transactions. Won’t spend any money on boosts…

But what I’ve seen in arena over last month with endless boost sale is making me closest to quitting the game than I’ve ever been. It’s just been ridiculous and a frustrating experience now. Game used to be fun…not so much anymore…

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I think putting boosts into battle incubators would be a better idea. It would help increase arena activity and participation