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To friends of Chickenhawk.. I'm Sorry for not excepting your Raid Invites, it's the glitches and bugs that stops me from joining you.. It's very frustrating. 😠😠

The title says it all, I finally get a good amount of friends (some of you from the forum and some from gameplay) You send me an Invite to a raid and I’m constantly getting “Lobby is Full”. I know it’s a new form of battling (Which I Luv) and we know nothing is always perfect when something is first released upon us (Which in time will all be fixed, even though we got an update 2 days ago roughly, I didn’t really notice that much difference from it) I’m just putting out there that I Luv Battling!! any invite I get I will accept, if nothing happens after you send an invite to me and you don’t have enough on your team, Invite me over and over and over and over again. Please don’t ever think I’m being rude to you for knocking back your Raid, until the higher powers resolve this, it’s out of my hands… (Another thing, I’m at Max friends, I’ve lost track of some of my friends on the forum, if it’s not too much trouble, can the friends who use a different game name to there name on the forum, put there game name in brackets with there name they use on the forum? It will save this old man a lot of confusion. :joy: Stay Safe Everyone!:mask:


Just got invited to a raid and I finally got in… Then my game froze. Sorry to the friend who invited me (I won’t mention names to protect the innocent…) I had to stop the game, Now I feel bad cos they’ve only got 3 in there team and there gunna have a useless, time wasting Maxi just standing there using it’s weak attack. Please Ludia, I’m not the only one suffering from these glitches and bugs and game freezes, help us resolve this issue.

It is laggy, glitched or whatever.

When it happens, we redo again the raid, everyone out including the owner of the raid. Then it normally workds.


Yeah, I usually do that with my alliance, it’s more the people who I just friended from the forum topic Need friends for Raids, I don’t want to lose friends over bugs that can be fixed, there’s quite a few with this update. Thanks Pirulass :+1:

It usually happens when leader sends +4 request. Some may accept but leave. Server doesnt receive the “im out” feedback and still thinks there is a player still in the raid, when, actually, is free. So the fourth player can never join. Can @Ned or someone ask to devs if this is what is happening.

Sorry if somthing is not properly understood… my English is really bad today…

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Ludia should get serious and fix glitches and bugs in the game instead of listening to people who ask for nerfs.


Known issues! Developers are aware and looking into it.


Thanks J.C.

Yay, then I can get invited too