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To get the new Monomimus unique:


We’ve had 1 Darwin event so far:

Assume 100% Darwin at 9 shots each:
200/session = 1800 Darwin

Going full Darwin from the event should take a brand new Darwin to just over level 18.

(It takes 3000 epic DNA to go from 11 to 20)

To get to level 20 from 18, you need: 1250 Darwin

To fuse the unique using 200 Darwin/fuse (averaging 20 unique/fuse) =

(250/20) * 200 = 2500 darwin Dna (after reaching level 20)

Total Darwin: 1800 + 1250 + ~2500 :exploding_head:


Yes, and on top 2x Unique with Darwin as ingredients. Seems like Big L lost their mind.

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are you sure its 2 events? i only remember 1. excuse me if im wrong.

and it was only 6 attempts.


I like what they did. Look at the abomination that is Thor. Easiest thing to make, and does so much damage.

People are going to have to really grind out these uniques.

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In this case, we should all learn How to CREATE A UNIQUE in 4 fuses (How to CREATE A UNIQUE in 4 fuses)


I think we had only one Darwin event so far. Two events with Pteranodon though. Maybe you’re confusing those two.


It was only one event but 9 attempts because it shared attempts with 2 other pterosaurs (Alanqa and Pteranodon).



It mentioned 6 but I’m sure it was 9 attempts. I remember darting it 9 times. That was just an error on their banner I think.


@Pateradactyl & @TheOneSpark
Ahead of the curve you two :wink::wink:


Yeah i think i went 6 darwin amd 3 pteradon on this event. I know i split the counter attack event with raja and ptera. Was really hoping for a counter attacking nullify unique. Maybe next time.


Why did my favorite bird have to get fused with my most loathed creature in the game?
I had high hopes for Darwin… now it looks like I may not even bother creating its unique.
This update is looking like a big let down to me. If spoofers aren’t dealt with, I may walk away.


Yeah, we only had 1 event for Darwin, it has to become anytime global if we want It.


Atleast there is the other darwin hybrid… though with it being with commons id imagine its gonna be a step behind other other.

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its used in both uniques. and spoofers arent going to be dealt with bro. i wish they would be.


Can we guess the moveset for Darwin and Mono?

Pin Strike
Nullifying Impact
Distracting Impact

Swap-in wound

Speed 129


Next daily reward: Darwinopterus

Pls Ludia - be smart :pray:


hit the arenas hard. i get darwin often.


Exactly, i will give my opinion when we get the patch Notes, but for now It looks like a big let down: the epic hybrids are a worst version of mono and a “buffed edmontosaurus”, the legendaries are “ok” i guess and the uniques are not affordable for the 99% of the players (if Darwin doesnt become global obv), as already said, It looks like a big let down, if bugs and cheaters don’t get dealt with i will probably quit.


wheres evasive?