To hard!

Ok, so I would love to have the fuzzy mastodon… but mods make it so hard.

  1. I like the idea, but when put in tournaments I have to use a ton of recources every day…
  2. It’s a question of who has spent the most money on the game and who had more recources… wich is kinda unfair…

I have accepted that I wont be able to get the mastodon because I only have 2 mods left… anyway I really hope that tournaments are mod free in the future…

How is it going for you in the tournament?

There’s another thread in here specific for tracking the tournament, you’ll find most of the discussion in there. And yes, Mods definitely are a pay-to-play attempt by Ludia, and using a new creature for this tournament pretty much a blatant attempt to entice players to put cash into getting it as they run out of mods. But some of us have been stock-piling them daily especially after the last Mod tournament, expecting they’d do another one eventually, so aren’t hurting as much. I haven’t spent anything on them other than coins, so I mostly only have common and rare mods, but ones like Nullify can be hugely beneficial and otherwise it’s just random luck which ones I get in any particular match and if I can still manage a win. Some of the new ones are particularly nasty for being only super rare, and I think it was really unfair for Ludia to do a tournament so soon after releasing them, such that the AI is able to throw them at you a LOT while obtaining them as a player much harder, particularly if you aren’t willing to spend money to get them. But “fair” is not really something that enters into the decisions Ludia makes as far as I can tell.

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Life isn’t fair, so why should a computer game be.

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Uh because we can’t control what life throws at us. The developers certainly can control what a game does.

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But if they make it too easy respectively fair for us, it would become kind of boring maybe.

I haven’t even bothered. My best creatures (-minus my level 5 Stymyloch and level 1 Apato) are a level 21 Pelicanhapterex,level 15 T rex and a level 25 Labrythosaurus. I can’t reach dominator with a team like that and since mods are so expensive, why should I even try

I’m not even going to take that as a serious comment. Because if the ONLY way they can keep the game from being “boring” is something that large numbers of the players hate, then this game is already at death’s door. But of course you know that isn’t true. These forums are FULL of ideas for things they could do to improve the game and keep it interesting that don’t involve trying to exploit the players and compel them into paying money to play.

Apologies if my sometimes strange kind of humor did upset you.

No worries, it takes a lot more than that to upset me. And as I said in my reply, I prefer to assume in such a case that the writer is not being serious.

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I would counter this thread with the thought that those that think the tournament is to hard that perhaps you are looking at the tournament incorrectly. Maybe folks should take stock of where they are in the game versus other players, remember there are levels to the tournament with the last level supposedly reserved for the top 1% of players, with the 2nd place level being for the top 5-2% of players. Then remember that this game has been out for more than 4 years.

With this information ask yourself how long have I been playing and do I think I am in the top 5% of players? If you answer these questions honestly and you are still upset at the “difficulty” of this tournament, unfortunately there is nothing more that I can talk about with as your logic meter would have to be skewed. If you look at the other thread about this tournament there are lots of folks that are running at the top of their bracket in the Dominator league, of course some of them have been playing the game for years on a daily basis so I would say they are right where they should be. Your place in the tournament will be right where you should be based on your level of play and time that you have put in. If this result upsets you or you are not happy put more time into the game (months not days or hours) and you will start to see better results.


Not really. I’m a long time player and don’t spend that much money on the game. Collecting dinos for 4 years means I can get about 40mil coins every 12 hours, and I just constantly use coins to get mods. I don’t use my 112000 dbux on mods, but instead I keep saving them.

Its as much as a lure as any tournament to grab cash from players. Why do you think the tournament dinos cost $100 just for 1 and you don’t even unlock the dino?

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