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To high goals

I really love this game and spend time collecting DNA.
BUT! I think you have sat the goals to high. It forces me as a player to buy all the time to develop.
For exampel campaining omg i have to raise my dinos to continue forward.
Now im sitting here, no green one and no coins.
Its stop!!!
I cant pay both for the came/month and 50000 to be able to play a campain.
Then the supply drops is sat on limitid amount.
Omg! Now i cant do anything for days. The sum to lvl is not ok. The system needs to shape up

No, you can actually get 250,000 gold a week. There is a supply drop limit of 13000 every 12 hours meaning 26,000 coin a day. You can also donate dm which gets a lot of money. Each battle win gets you like 500 gold. Map incubators get your like 60,000 gold a week and don’t forget that like 20,000 gold a week from weekly challenges. Don’t miss those common incubators out on the map. They can total about 5,000 per month.

The system doesn’t need to change, you do. Some people have about 20 level 30s. I upgraded dime from 15 to 17, spino from 14 to 15, diloracherius from 15 to 20 as well as dilorano from 16 to 20 in 1 and 1/2 weeks from scratch.

I don’t do this cuz it’s a lot, I just know it’s possible to make that 250,000 gold a week but you can make around 60,000 gold just from the rare and epic incubators a week. Don’t even forget those weekly missions that get you like 20,000.


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You don’t have to spend real money on this game. You might need to be more patient though.

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I’m gonna be honest… if 50000 coins to level a Dino is to much of a grind for you then you should consider cutting ties with the game as that’s not even the real grind.

And I don’t know where you coming off with a silver spoon… if you can’t grind 50k coins in a week your playing the game wrong.

Nothing personal but this game is a huge grind and if your feeling the grind now… what’s to come is gonna just put you off.

You can either realize the grind this game is accept it and level or progress at your own pace. Or consider that the grind is just not for you and find something that is.


I know what u say. But im bad on waiting :joy::joy::joy:

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For past 3 months I constantly have 200k (lvl 29) and 250k (lvl 30) lvlups. Spent about 6 million coins(gold) on team and tournament teams during these 3 months. This week have two 250k lvl ups incoming.

Never bought cash or coins with real money. There are many ways to get both in game (drops, skill tournaments, strike towers, alliance missions…).

Understand that this is game where you need to grind and play more than one hour daily. It’s tough, but it’s possible to play without spending money or spending only small amounts of money (FIP bundles offers).

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Nice to hear! I will keep up my work, really love my dinos. And when i found this game i was over the moon of happiness.

I on the other hand has spent money on it :sweat_smile:
But now im trying to change my way of playing and collecting, but then something come up and i cant resist :joy:

Then the wait starts over again. Im not good on waiting.
But i still give the creater a big hug for this game. So i just have to change my playing plan.
But i dont like to wait n’ wait

I spent 1k now and thats much money. Need a saving plan

Did you just ask if I’m broke. I’m not even 18.

I said it was possible to get 250,000 gold in a week but I do t have enough patience to play that much either but you can also get Ike 70,000 just from the doing the epic and rare Incubators.

After a while you have to play the long game if you don’t want to spend real money on the game. Patience is key.

I noticed that!
Im not good on that part :joy::joy::joy:

No Colin i didnt!
So young, that explains a short temper.
Im only giving a point of how i see it.
Dont do it to something it isnt.
Im not the one to know if ur broke, that was kind of cute

I think money means a diffrent thing depending of where u from. So i can understand ur point of wiew totally

Oh, okay. I thot u did cuz it said that somewhere in the middle of your comment, misunderstanding I suppose. I guess it was just a joke. I didn’t really know cuz it doesn’t seem that way on the internet.

you think its bad now??? just over a year ago this game was so incredibaly grindy that if you didnt spend money you where stuck around level 14 with at most level 15-18 dinos due to lack of DNA and Coins, right now is the best economy the game has had. though some improvements could be made.


Its ok Colin. English is not my day languish so im having gramma probs