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To level up or not to

TLDR: I would like to unlock as many creatures as possible, should I stick to low lvl for earth shattering or focus on getting to 60

I have started playing JW:TG just 4 days ago since I wanted a new game and I missed JPB a lot, and I had seen every one of the Gaming beavers first ~120 JWTG episodes years back so I thought I knew what to do

But I didn’t, only yesterday I knew about the reshuffle and a bunch of other changes and the how some of the events work

I had planned focus on pushing my lvl to 50-60 to unlock the harbour asap and also to unlock the first legendaries for being able to do tournaments as missing a tournament creature meant you can’t get it back for months

But now I realized it’s the same with even the normal creatures such as bonitasaurus and utharaptor, and after seeing the event calendar I got freaked out that I may never be able to get a spinoraptor because I crossed lvl 20 without unlocking the utharaptor so as someone who wants to unlock every creature it made sense that I have stop leveling now (27) and not cross 35 until I got every rare/super Rare from earth shattering then today I saw that on jan 11-17 event calendar that common creatures could be unlocked by higher lvls too
So I am confused, should I stick around and start doing tournaments late or rush higher and then hope Ludia will throw all creature unlocks for higher levels

Any other important tips for a new player is also appreciated
Sorry for the long post for a single question (couldn’t find a similar trend except for a old one) and if I seem over concerned for a very low lvl player

Thank you


Everything you need to know.


Personally I would race to 60 to unlock COT as quick as you can.

All the lower rarities (that are part of the unlock rotation) will be available for higher level players at some point or another what with the rare and common unlock weeks.


Thanks a lot, I need to explore this forum more


For sure. This Forum has many wonderful Threads, you just need to look in the right places. Happy to have been of help. :smiley:

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