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To Ludia/Devs


Since this seems to be the only way to voice opinions/concerns, here it is.

  • The arena. Right now, it’s even worse because of the new season, but wow, the matchmaking is some of the worst I’ve seen. I currently hover around the 5000 to 5200 during off season, and on season I am bouncing between 48-5000. Either way, this is how it goes: When the game decides i get to win? A team far below mine. When it decides I lose? team full of 28-30’s. I rarely get an “even” match. I play a lot of other multiplayer games that have this similar style in place. Win a few, game puts you down. Lose a few, game throws you a bone. The “everyone needs a chance to win” balance, is awful in them too. This is also adding to the frustration from the horrible RNG. I’ve outplayed people in matches only to have all their dinos suddenly become crit machines/cloak dodging everything and have the game handed to them. Yes, it happens to everyone both ways, but it shouldn’t be such a constant factor in these matches. But, I feel that most of the time from the second the dinos are drawn in the beginning the match is decided. Doesn’t matter what I do, or they do, it is what it is. 90% RNG 10% actual skill. Our choices really don’t matter, enough. The mode driving most people to do what they do in this game should not be a chore or this frustrating. Doing something to involve more dinos would be a great step as well. It does get extremely boring fighting the same dinos over and over and over again.

  • The amount of bugs still in this game, that are apparently being worked on, yep still there. Some of them since right after the game launched. I don’t really need to list them, because there are countless posts on a daily basis pointing them out to you. I’m just adding myself to the pile of people who are driven crazy by those same bugs.

  • Incubators. I get that these are a source of money for the game, but the prices for them, and whats contained within them 95% of the time are horrible.

  • The event rework. Terrible. Less strikes to do? Jamming commons all into one day? Two days of nothing? Green towers are very few and far between. When i saw the announcement for this I was hoping there would be some sort of counter to all the negative coming with it. Nope. You know what would be great in general, and especially if it stays this way? Allowing people to chose which dino they would like to dart at the green box. One step further, kill the spawn rates and give people multiple tries at their dino of choice.

  • Dino spawns. I live in Zone 4. Really wish there was more dinos rotated. In general though, past couple patches it really seems like less on the map and less of dinos that even matter for progression. Back to zone 4…I love using scents and having them dump mostly suchomimus all over my screen.

But, this isn’t a completely negative post.

The Alliances (missions and rewards that come with them) have been a great addition. Getting some extra DNA, coins, and cash was a good step. Something else to work towards. Really would like to have a way to see what each member has: received, given out, battled, contributed towards missions each week. Not just the top ones.

Being able to dart boxes and strikes anywhere within the circle, was also a great addition as of late.

My VIP was already canceled a couple months back hoping for some change. Money I have spent before has also been brought to a halt. Next step, which is extremely close at this point, is deleting the game. I, or people in general, don’t need to be frustrated when trying to enjoy a game. And I was really enjoying it. Was. These are things I see constantly brought up on this forum. I’m hoping some time soon this stuff actually gets addressed, or it’s just simply time to move on.