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To ludia. for some reason my alliance wanted to make JWA poems contest

Hi ludia. I thought you might enjoy seeing what fans of your game came up with.
In my alliance we have a lot of events to keep us motivated to play the game. We have tournaments using different rules and also non-battling events. This time the alliance members decided they wanted a writing contest and here it is. There is no winner yet by the way. That is being voted on privately in the alliance right now.


Is it time to wander
Over hills and through dense pine?
Is it time to wonder
Are those branches or are they spines?
Hide behind a fallen tree
Perhaps its not too late
But he saw me moving in the brush
And came to investigate
He is big but I am fast
And so I try to flee
He is strong but I am smart
He’ll make no meal of me
I sprint until my lungs give out
And I can run no more
When I look back he is not there
Today I won the war
Now its time to wander
Quiet by a lake
I look up at an old Trex
How long until I break?
I take a drink and 1 deep breath
And start to run away
He sees me but its much too late
I will not die today


Hello random artist. that was beautiful. perhaps people here would like to join some of our events ! we previously had guests from a social media join our tournament and it made it extra fun. I will display your creation in my alliance.

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