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To Ludia Management - Why Boosts Need to be Reset

I am a big fan and played JW:A a long time. I bought all of the boosts when I could because I believe you try to always make things right. I have always been VIP. Some people wrote here that maybe you do not understand why having a boost reset is important. Maybe you do not understand the money part of the problem from the player point of view. This is my Dracoceratops:

You can see I put 27 boosts on it. Here are the numbers:

27 levels = 2,700 boosts (1 level per 100 boosts)
2,700 boosts = 54,000 hard cash (100 boosts per 2,000 hard cash)
54,000 hard cash = USD $360 (15,000 hard cash per USD $100)

My Dracoceratops cost me USD $360 to get to where it is. I bought these because I see you rolled back boosts before when you knew the system needed change, and I believe you respond well to feedback. I still have boosts unused, and plan on still buying them in. With the update change, Dracoceratops will not be useful enough to battle.

If you do not roll back, my choice is to remove all boosts and put them into something else, which will cost me USD $180 because I will only get 1,350 boosts back.

I am requesting a rollback of boosts. If this happen I will be happy and continue to buy in the game.

If there is no boost reset, you still have a gain from me of USD $180 because I will roll back, but it will be the last income from me.


It does suck having money invalidated, but it was never wise to over invest in something overpowered and be over dependant on one single move.

Word of warning, do NOT over invest in the new Indoraptor Gen2, its the same money pit trap!


As much as i dislike this dino in particular, (and people honestly should’ve seen some kind of nerf coming.) People put real money into it. If this happens to a loved dino that I boosted, i’d also be asking/ demanding a boost refund.

They should implement a boost rollback for heavily affected creatures each patch. (I’m not saying nerf because it is really difficult to judge what is actually a nerf, but rather creatures that are heavily affected by the changes in the patch.)

I also know Ludia needs to keep a source of income. if it was 100% rollback, then there could be problems with that income when a full team of 8 reaches max boosts. So not a 100% roll back, but a high percentage greater than 50% but no more than 90%. (90% may even be a bit high) The player will get a greater majority of their boosts back, but would also allow Luida to keep some income flowing due to that loss. i think that is the best case scenario to keep money flowing to Ludia and keep happy players.

Unfortunately complaints like this (and suggestions) fall on deaf ears. I feel for your loss of money. And as @Stiffeno said, do not put all your boosts into indo g2. It’s the same money trap they did to DC. Potentially procerath too, but we will have to see about that.


The prices on this game are outrageous! Wake up everyone. Stop paying these absurd prices. Remember something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it


Myself I’d prefer they not nerf any dino, but come up with a new dino that would be a counter to the over powered dinos. Stop trashing all our hard work because you are greedy. If you want money then create new dinos and let us boost or not boost them. We kind of both win that way. But I guess that’s asking too much of a compromise from you though isn’t it.


Cough cough press the round arrow and it’ll give half the boosts back to ya cough cough.


That’s the choice you made while spending your money.

You can’t buy a PS4 and play it for months and then the PS4 pro comes out and you expect a full refund because something better is out.

You get in store credit for your used purchase to put towards your new purchase.

Or you can accept you dumped your Boost into that sucker fish no talent creature and keep using it. Or count the loss on it.

You don’t see people complaining that Ludia should give them all the dna and coins back on their dinos because they leveled them up to 25+ and now they’re nerfed. It’s a gamble.

Your best option is probably to not use Boost. What’s the real benefit? You still win and you still lose. But you don’t waste your money on a mobile game either.

The thing is, nobody forced you to buy boost. They didn’t force you to apply them to creatures.


Someone spent $360 on a single digital made up hybrid dinosaur?


If the devs and management actually played the game before releasing these overpowered, god like creatures and mechanics, then i’d be more inclined to agree with you. Unfortunately due to their own selves, rebalancing does need to happen. the power creep is too much. if we can scale it back, then we probably could do it like you said. :+1: tho i can’t come up with any definite ideas on how to balance out a swap in rampage so it has at least 1 counter that works 100% of the time.

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Well said!!

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I’m sorry, but I don’t support yet another reset. People have demonstrated their carelessness with boosts, and just how much they’re willing to make the arena a worse place to gain a foothold by putting all eggs into one basket, and spending absurd amounts of money. People need to learn from their mistakes.


He isn’t complaining a best dino is out there , he is complaining because he paid for something that was advertised in certain way And because of that he invested and they are changing it, if you buy a play station 4 to play online and suddenly they decide to remove the online option, I think you would feel robed as well.
I don’t use draco by the way , and I hate that thing , but i can understand the feeling


Its way more profitable to have players waste investments by nerfing dinosaurs so they invest in another, than it is to make new dinosaurs.

Arena balance and customer satisfaction? not part of the equation which sucks bad for players, but once you know how to spot all the money making sca…sorry schemes, its easy not to fall for them.

The new IncomeRaptor Gen2 is the latest one they are trying to shove down everyones throats, once everyone has unlocked it (after the monthly is gone) then players wont be able to level this must have dinosaur, but dont worry uncle game dev has all the sales you need…if you have the money.

DO NOT fall for it!


ProceRat will be nerfed. It.will get a a superhybrid as would DracoRat.

Dun invest more than you are comfortable.


Do you think this rework of dracocera a dino that only needed boosts on one stat to be effective wasnt done on purpose… anyone boosting draco stacked attack and they specifically made attack worthless on him.

My advice to you is to contact either the appstore or google play… and explain the exact situation the depth of the rework and get your money back. People have gotten refunds for far less… and dont settle for no.


Agreed, speak about getting refunds and you should be entitled since the feature was changed in a way that invalidated purchases. Ludia themselves will never agree to a refund but the platform (Google or Apply) will as they arent biased and will understand a reasonable argument.

Why i am in support of Draco being balanced, its clear at this point it wasnt about balance but more because sales dried up and they have their new salesman in IndoGen2 and thus dont need rat anymore, so now its been “balanced”…too bad it tied in perfectly with its profitable replacement dinosaur (one that Draco could have been a threat too, cant have that).

Sadly the change has come WAY too late for the community to legit accept it as an act of good faith to balance it out.


Unless you’re ridiculously rich buying boosts is soooo terrible. I mean jeez especially considering Ludia’s way of handling things. I’m still unboosted and dont know if i will boost. But I can assure you ill never buy one boost at this current state. Your voice is your wallet.


I’ve owned a business for a while and one thing I’ve learned is I’d rather get $500 from 10 people than $5000 from 1, because if one customer leaves, guess which way hurts more…


Yeah this company is the opposite, they rather quick cash in huge amounts at the risk of losing game longevity…which leads me to wonder about something about how long THEY think JWA will last before the players dwindle away.

I am kinda worried because they have seemed to go for the quick cash since boosts were added at the risk of turning away players and hurting overall game balance.

Do they know something about the games health we dont?


The stupid Rat is as I have said earlier, is the ultimate:

Bacteria that infestates the white crust of drying dog poo.