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To Ludia [RANT]

To Ludia,
I really want to like this game because it’s a great game at its core, but sometimes your actions make that VERY hard to do. At the moment, there are a few problems I have with the game.

Firstly, the current oversaturation of characters with no increase to the number of updates per week makes updates sporadic and keeps the player base guessing when their favourite will return; it’s VERY annoying not knowing who’s coming back. You went from BARELY updating it initially to entering damage control by trying to update too many at once. If you’d updated regularly from the beginning, you wouldn’t have had this problem.

Thanks to a Facebook group, I have tracked who returns on what days:
14/08 – Eveline/Jade
13/08 – Charlie/Jake/Zayn
12/08 – Sheng/Tomas
10/08 – Hugo/Marco
07/08 – Charlie/Jake/Zayn
06/08 – Franz/Ingrid
05/08 – Fei Wu (Released)
03/08 – Albert/Jonathan
31/07 – Makoa (Final)
30/07 – Hugo/Marco
29/07 – Eveline/Jade
27/07 – Bex (Final)

Focus on a few characters, and then fans know who will return every week instead of bombarding us with a dozen characters. In the long run, this approach is quicker and less frustrating for the player base.

Secondly, one major problem that has been a problem for a long time, and that’s Ludia still favours the males over the females. As can be seen from the list of updates, it shows that males characters have been updated far more in the past three weeks (and beyond) than the females. Now I understand that based on the demographic of this game that the male characters would be updated more often, but a difference this big is ridiculous.

And finally it’s been almost a year since some of my matches have been updated.

A Concerned Fan

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And I was hoping for more of Fei :cry:

I’m happy Eveline has returned, but I would’ve prefered it if it was Fei, but based on how Ludia treats the people who match exclusively with females, I can’t be too picky! :roll_eyes:

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Oh I know they should take cues from other apps

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And Eveline’s gone again now to wait another two weeks before she returns :roll_eyes: :anger:

It would have worked way better if say

For example

Sunday Alex/Calum
Monday Dahlia/Rose
Tuesday Captain Muffin
Wednesday Aesha/Samantha
Thursday Seth/Julia/Jamie
Friday Damien/Austin
Saturday Fei

I had a similar idea.
The game would be updated Monday to Saturday, that’s six days so they can update three males and three females, and they’d alternate it between male and female, with the same character returning on the same day each week until their story is finished and they’re replaced with another character. This way everyone is happy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Agreed a schedule is needed instead of random characters returning

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And Ludia,
Stop slapping us players, the people RESPONSIBLE for YOU having a job, by constantly UPPING the gem costs for stuff every time you do, “Maintenance.” Whoever came up with that solution needs to be fired. You’re only going to drive your players away. Including paying players.

Wait, what’s it at now? Last I saw they had combined a premium choice with a picture instead of the picture separately. That costs what… 320 gems?! With some choices costing up to 210 on their own? Somewhere in that range.

Has it been increased again?!

I’ve seen the diamond options range from 150-330

330 is extremely rare though

I think the options are just cheaper for the older stories where as the newer ones…or newer chapters I guess…are subject to the 200+ price range.

Just a wild guess though.