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To Ludia regarding battle trophies

So many players have complained how they get to win +10 and lose -50 and i know that you know this by now. I was wondering why did the trophy counts turned out like that when it wasn’t broken before. If it wasn’t broken why fix it. The only issue before was match making and i believe you succeeded with that part except for the trophy count being deducted to whoever loses. Just a suggestion though based on other pvp games which i wont mention. If a player wins…he gains 30 trophies, when a player loses he is deducted 20 trophies. This was already a tested formula and it encourages players to push at the ladder and at the same time enjoy the arena. I hope you look into it and consider my suggestion.i believe the community will agree this is fair enough for everyone.Peace


This is only half the problem though.

Matchmaking is so borked right now and only a few Arenas higher.

Its bad enough winning 10 and losing 50, but when your 5000 ranked team gets matched with a 7000+ team, the minus 50 is almost guaranteed.

And when his 7000+team gets paired with anybody he guaranteed loses 50 everytime

Trophies were broken before, and they’re worse now.


I would be happy with this. 1-5 ratio makes me want to throw the game away. I lost all my progress in 2 days with just three losses. I almost never see the medium trophy count its 90% 10 or 50


I would be happy with a 1-1 ratio till they figure something out.
It’s just weird to drop 10 places getting my daily incubator, and end up raised 10 places the next day from the people above me dropping. 3rd day in a row.
The ones that really seem to be getting hammered are the ones that battle the most.